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Comment Re:I think the dirty truth is........ (Score 1) 598

Thanks prefec2. Outsourcing is a game of the rich. We can not change it as we are not the rich or politicians. When we become rich, we won't want to change. Mr. Buffet is brave to tell the truth. What he can do further is to tell everyone which law exactly gave him lower taxes than average Joe. That may be even more helpful. Back to topic, Kindle will not be manufactured in U.S. as a consequence of globalization and outsourcing.

U.S. gov should be responsible mostly:
1. It allows the trend to move on, and helped removing trade barriers.
2. It allows highly risky financial operations and get economy growth/tax from it. Financial management generally does not *create*. It manipulates and circulates.
3. It let goes the load-based life style to go deeply to many American's mind. Think twice, you will find the countries with its people getting rich faster usually have higher deposit rate. The leverage of loans is more often a risk and over consumption.

Comment I think the dirty truth is........ (Score 1) 598

1. Profit - Enterprises are eager to get lower cost to increase their margins.
2. Globalization - Companies and politicians work together to break trade barriers and allow imports/exports more freely to create more revenue and profit.
3. Consumer - Always wants a better price. If you manufacture everything in U.S., I'll bet iPhone/iPad needs > 50% price up.

As a Foxconn (who manufactures for Dell/Apple/HP...) employee, what I can share is that our business model is to make the money from the least wanted portion of the supply chain. As long as we maintain our volume huge enough with least profits, we can survive for a very long long time. We never make easy money but always the toughest.

If Americans can work more than 12 hours every day, 5 or 6 days a week with no overtime pay, less than 20k/yr (most production line workers make less than 10k/yr). You can manufacture anything.

Thinking positively. After China and India become rich, at the end, maybe Africa will get rich too. The greedy of managers eventually saves children lives in Africa.

Comment Re:What class of SUV? (Score 1) 509

You missed the whole point. The point of fuel efficiency. Not SUV.

Also, this is not a PR to against American culture.
It is a PR telling everyone be prepared for Paris' new rule. It is eccentric to deny this PR to defend the not trendy life style of some north American people. IMHO.

Comment Re:Rogue Wireless Carrier SysAdmin (Score 1) 253

Okay. I will be serious about this issue and in this single post, there is nothing related to my previous talk.

The real question, to me, is whether this is legal. The telco has to list this module as their property even when you are paying for this notebook.

If the telco has explained it explicitly, not hiding it in a thick agreement document, then *subscribers* are aware of the risk.

It is like when I own a house. If I don't pay my electric bill, the power company can not just break in and remove the power, instead, they can do it on their facility.

The issue to user is, whether you want to buy or to rent a house.

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