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Journal FourthAge's Journal: The Hidden Theocracy 4

I have written another essay on "The Hidden Theocracy".
Read it here. This is the discussion page. If you have any comment on the essay, positive or negative, please post it here.

The comments for my "1984" essay were very helpful in revising it.

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The Hidden Theocracy

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  • I found the link in your sig, your ideas are great! I read both "Theocracy" and "1984", as well as the linked article on Seed Magazine (which is exactly what Star Trek's pilot episode "The Cage" was about).

    One nit: your clause "Christianity holds that every person has free will" isn't quite true. Large groups of Christians, for example Lutherans and Calvinists, explicitly believe that the will is bound, and that man is incapable of choosing God. In fact views on this issue are fundamental to some inter-c

  • Your essay makes numerous assumptions and therefore argues from many false premises, so I won't bother reading it fully.

    However, your anti-science bias stands out very clearly (you confuse science and the Scientific Method with claims-made-by-people-who-call-themselves-scientists).

    The other thing that caught my eye was your attitude towards the poor and health care. Welfare isn't supposed to help the poor get out of poverty, nor is it there to make them dependent on the state. It's simply there to ensure

    • You've made some good and very valid points about the essay which is certainly far from perfect. I think we would probably agree about many things. Most particularly:

      The real danger we face is the erosion of our freedom.

      Here are a few responses. Firstly, I don't think there is any threat to liberty from Christians in Britain. They are a tiny minority with no political influence. I ignore the C of E, because they do whatever the Establishment asks, even if it upsets Anglicans overseas.

      The quasi-religious be

      • by turgid ( 580780 )

        You're alluding to something here that I think we also agree on: those ideas which are labeled "leftist" nowadays are not in the traditional sense. The traditional right, left, centre, radical, authoritarian and liberal labels are being mis-applied in the modern world.

        For the record, I'm a small-l liberal, I believe in freedom and liberty. I also believe in social justice, social mobility and the welfare state.

        I do not believe in the way the latter three are implemented by New- or Old- Labour. And I hate

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