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Comment Re:The problem is chicken little (Score 4, Informative) 1181

The temperature change over the last 30-50 years is of comparable magnitude to the shift from the medieval warm period to the little ice age (the two greatest temperature extremes of the last 2000 years), a change that took more than 10 times as long to occur. Perhaps if you look further back you can find natural cycles that match the volatility of the current one, but the examples given above certainly don't cut it.

There hasn't been an increase in the last 10 years primarily because of a particularly strong la nina. Short term cyclical events generally have a greater magnitude than the overall warming trend. If you take ~11 year moving averages to hide the known cyclical variations, the warming trend is very much still there.

"Hide the decline" refers to the fact that temperatures inferred from tree ring sizes in the last couple decades haven't matched actual temperature readings (possibly because of other human influence on tree growth). When presenting tree ring data, they replace very recent data with actual temps, usually using a different color or something to indicate that it has been swapped out.

There are legitimate criticisms of the AGW argument, but you haven't put forth any of them. <ad hominem> This clearly indicates that you don't seek the truth, just the promotion of a personal agenda. That or you're not very smart, and it's usually wrong to attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. </ad hominem>

Comment Re:Piracy=Market (Score 1) 259

It's a perfect analogy. "Just because a lot of people are breaking a law, doesn't necessarily mean the law must be changed." He's not saying it doesn't need to be changed, just that you can't use that fact that people break the law a lot as evidence that it's flawed. The reasons they're breaking the laws, the way the laws are enforced, and the severity of the punishments can all be looked at, as I'm sure they were with traffic laws, but the analogy definitely holds.

Comment Re:Dentist appointment next Monday :( (Score 1) 432

Not in university, but I would assume it’s still the same old “if you use something other than windows or maybe mac, you are free to do so however you are on your own to figure it out and resolve any issues!” attitude. Which really I think is fair.

This, and there's a very good reason. Universities should be spending money on educating students, and for a select few, doing research. It's just a waste of money to hire or train a new IT guy to provide tech support for 5% of the the student population.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 615

Defense in depth. By your line of reasoning, there's no problem storing passwords in cleartext. Although a particular line of defense shouldn't be necessary, doesn't mean you shouldn't worry if it's quickly losing potency. There will always be security vulnerabilities, so for someone, somewhere, it matters, e.g. PSN.

Comment Re:Who needs to be a billionaire? (Score 5, Insightful) 318

Programming something I'm not particularly fond of is better than spending 35 hours/week I'm probably even less interested in. Obviously you have to put in those hours in order to make a living, and the point of this article is "if you didn't have to do it for a living (i.e. you already have more money than you need), what would you be programming?", not "what would you do with a tons of money?"

Comment Re: Not quite correct (Score 1) 835

Georgia Tech fully supports Linux, from ssh/scp, wan, san, and printing, to full desktops and software. Linux student software distribution. In addition, it even provides full linux OS's (just rhel). Everything you stated above is at Tech also.

I never had a single issue running Linux (gentoo) my entire time there, and there was a pretty decent LUG there too. In fact, even my freshman English courses made us use Linux for some tasks.

Comment Funny (Score 1) 12

I live in a rural area of the old deep south, and have yet to hear that applied to him even one time, anywhere. I've heard him referred to as a "commie", but nuthin else really. It must happen of course but I haven't heard it. Most folks don't seem to care one way or the other about his race, that part isn't important at all, there's basically just a general distrust of the federal government, and it doesn't seem to matter who is in charge or not.

Like most other areas, either the traditional choice A or B gets voted for in the big elections, but there ain't a lot of love attached to the "lesser stupid big city urban 'tards" vote choice either. El shrubbo the lesser received a lot of condemnation from people around here all the time the last 8 years, I heard that a lot, and that big bank bailout..shazzam, man people HATED that...

    Most people voted for him, ..hmm..sort of like when confronted with the choice of having to cross the street and only having the option of stepping in dog crap or some wino's vomit as you exit the curb. You still need to get across the street, so you make your choice, don't think about it much, and start walking...

    There's just this feeling of near despair and mostly disgust, that nothing that ever comes out of washington will be anything but something that enriches a few fatcats at the top, meaning the DC and manhattan axis of power and greed "top". And I share that view 100%.

When I was much younger and just getting involved in politics I just didn't see it, but since then, having lived both heavily urban and rural, with a scosh of suburban in there, both in the north and the south..I can see it readily now. The US is a nation that still practices internal imperialistic colonialism (along with the external we all see obviously). No one wants to really acknowledge it though, but that's what it is.

There's one topic on slashdot where you can see this come up all the time to prove the heavy split, and that is the great debate on rural broadband. You can see the imperialistic supporters dismiss the notion that people in the rural areas should get broadband..even when almost all of their urban life is heavily subsidized from rural economic exploitation. They can't or won't see it, seems to be impossible.

    That topic and the great "mass transportation" topic. We are all supposed to be riding the subway and carrying sheets of plywood and bulk firewood and cows and refrigerators on the backs of bicycles according to the mostly urban audience here, and we are lucky we don't get fined for daring to do otherwise. Oh, and also lucky we get some pittance back from washington with not just strings, but chains and shackles attached. We should be grateful for that. Yass massah, we uns bes greatful and stuff....thankee kindly fer only using the small whip this time... ... and how dare we not want huge packs of timber wolves living in the backyard with us, we must be backward hick yokel "anti environmentals" or something, and we should feel lucky that every congressional session another huge swath of useful employment is deemed dangerous to the three eyed flying newt so it is made illegal. Oh, it's OK to get the same stuff from china or elsewhere where they *eat* the three eyed flying newt, after first smashing it with boards to soften up the meat while it is still alive, because that increases their "stock portfolio" worth by shipping all the blue collar jobs over there and for destroying ag here. That's good for urban "business". Urban business increases "IT" jobs, so it must be all good!

That's one of the reasons I chime in on those debates, it is the epitome of political and social junk science that is believed fervently by most heavily urban centric folks I have found. They just *can't* see it, it is invisible to them, but their contempt and derision shows plainly, and is reflected in their heavily urban centric mainstream media news, their culture with TV shows and movies, etc, and is reflected in our national politics where anything that might help the rural areas is termed wrong, or harmful... It is rare to see depictions of either rural folks or southerners in anything but the most derogatory terms.

I'll tell you of the places I have lived, including where I am now, the top place for the most blatant racism and class elitism and snobbery..*Boston*. Hands down.

And the worst place for normal human values..NYC. I have never been ANYPLACE where people would just ignore a frozen to death dead person on the street, like I witnessed when visiting there. All that huge wealth, and thousands of centrally heated and cooled buildings..and people freeze to death on the sidewalk and the average passerby just looks up and doesn't see it and keeps walking right on by.

    Yes that happened to me, I was the one to go find a cop, me, joe grizzly zog who had hitchhiked in just to see "america's city!!" walking around gawking at the buildings, more or less looking like crocodile dundee with my backpack and complete with big belt knife on my side (my dad's WW2 navy knife), I went to the cops to report the frozen dead guy.

I will never forget that, that's my impression of heavy urban "culture", just not giving a care at all to your neighbor. Oh, and I happened to be there during a "garbage strike" as well, the same exact time. Wasn't that just *lovely*. Rural areas "trash their environment so they must be punished" with more taxes and stacks of regulations and permits and so on, because they want to do some logging or mining or farming, and NYC type urban areas just wallow in garbage and trash when they aren't sticking it on ocean liner sized barges and just hauling it out to sea to be dumped, making it "invisible". That trash then I saw was some feet high all over the sidewalks and had spilled out all over the street and was being smashed flat by cockroach hordes of scuttling honking yellow cabs and huge steenking buses provided for people who can't walk two blocks on their own steam.

  And they put US down...

Years later after that event, I found myself with a serious folding money job offer (web work back in my mac days), with one caveat..I had to move to NYC. It would have meant near quadrupling my gross pay, and I turned it down instantly. Some things just ain't worth the money...

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