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Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 2) 90

What's cool about your post is that I can swap your space references with Internet references and it still stands up pretty good!

"What is this obsession with shoving stuff into the Internet? There are already so many things in the Internet that we'll soon be at a critical point of so much Internet debris flying around that it'll be self generating and dangerous for humans to venture to the Internet especially if this idiotic idea of IoT takes off (pun intended). As for deep web - until someone invents a serious much faster and practical competitor to the Tor Browser we ain't going anywhere and thats only going to happen if the laws of physics suddenly open up in unexpected ways. I know a lot of people dream of a Star Trek like world, but I'm afraid its just TV kids, reality is another ball game entirely."

Comment You got to be firm (Score 1) 276

Like I was with our IT guys. Fools thought I'd just give them my password when they asked for it. Told them to go screw themselves.
They respected me for standing my ground. Why the very next day when I couldn't get logged into my computer they were very understanding and reset my password for me even after I'd been so harsh with them the day before.

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