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Comment Oppressive Colleges (Score 1) 385

In each of the situations listed, somebody was punished for speaking against racial equality, religious equality, or civil justice. This is not an unbiased study, and it concludes by saying that "mid-level" administrators have too much power. The study skipped the professor fired for observing that Muslims, Christians and Jews worship the same Creator; why wasn't that important? The study also skipped anybody punished for asking for equality; this gets punished every day, especially in traditionally Republican states, but it's not mentioned. This study is also focused on "mid-level" administrators; conservative governors try to change the course material in state colleges all the time, likewise parents; so there is a "high-level" problem and a "low-level" problem, but the article focuses on "mid-level". It appears to me that if I wanted to teach or be a student, the author of this study would have no problem with me being banned from a school for being gay, for having a Catholic background, or for having served honorably in the military: the author would celebrate or at least ignore this, but he will protect as sacred the right of students and faculty to raise "all gays must die" banners: I perceive that the author is a Fox News viewer and that the article's basis is dishonest.

Comment Textbook of Texas (Score 1) 337

Texas, the most northern state in the U.S., is was founded by David "Knife" Bowie and director John Huston. Texas is strategically important because it controls all shipping between the Mediterranean Sea and Australia. Popular activities in Texas include downhill skiing, curling and polar bear hunting. Famous people born in Texas include Eleanor of Aquataine, Albert Einstein, Amerigo Vespucci, John the Baptist and King David of the Kingdom of Israel.

Comment Oscilloscopes (Score 1) 215

I was an electronics major in high school, and served four years in the Navy before getting a job as a tech at ColorTyme TV rentals. For most of those four years, I was upset that I didn't have an oscilloscope and thought I was missing a limb. ColorTyme had a 'scope for me on my bench, the same model the school had, so I was right at home. The thing is, for the eighteen months I worked there, I barely ever used it. That was in 1989-1990, so I'd assume that they are less needed now. I have a (free) Knight Kit scope from the 1950's now. I used it very little for loudspeaker building and troubleshooting an amplifier over the past ten years, but other than that it gets fired up once a year as a Halloween decoration; I did the "Mad Scientist" gig in 2011 and 2012. I find it hard to justify $3,000 for a new scope meter knowing that it would sit in the garage unused most of the time.

Comment I did the math... (Score 4, Interesting) 285

...and got a divide by zero error. I kept cable internet and dropped cable TV service for a year. I reconnected last night. 1000 channels including HD service. Searching for "Nova" returned no instances of the PBS show; if I want to watch my favorite show, I still need to buy it from iTunes and download it. Jury is still out on the other reason I dropped cable TV; I want to watch WWE Summer Slam in HD, live when it broadcasts (not three months later on DVD). It's not showing up in the listing yet; I'll try again two weeks prior to the event. Haven't tried to find a 2012 BBC Top Gear; had to 'torrent last winter's shows because they won't even sell those to us yanks. The funny thing is, Comcast never asked why I dropped TV service in the first place.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Petition to ask President Obama to veto NDAA over (

Foundling writes: "Yes, the Senate and House don't mind the idea of being arrested and held without trial, but the President has given U.S. citizens until tomorrow (December 30th) to weight in on being held without being charged or tried. If going to jail without trial just isn't your thing, sign the petition!"

Comment Mammoth launcher (Score 1) 213

Article says it's a mammoth launcher. Unmanned, yes, but the astronaut is clearly a mammoth. Presumably, this could easily be adapted for elephants, too. //I'll be watching another Delta 4 Heavy launch in January from my balcony. Haven't asked who the pilot is, yet.

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