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Comment They are probably still offended (Score 1) 192

That he didn't take the job offer they gave him. They wanted him to work for them and he opted to stay where he was at with the job he was happy with and not uproot his family. At the end of the day FB is a business and they are going to do whatever they want or need to to keep the revenue stream growing.

Comment Where does it say that it cannot be patched? (Score 4, Informative) 146

You put it in quotes so I assumed you were quoting one of the two links you put in but neither state that. I know there's a lot of anti-MS people here but stick to the facts please. I understand that the current solution they offer is not a patch but something that the user needs to do manually, but seriously when you quote something use what they actually said. "Recommendation. Apply the suggested action to require a certificate verifying a wireless access point before starting an authentication process. Please see the Suggested Actions section of this advisory for more information." - from:

Comment To everyone who thinks it is overblown... (Score 4, Informative) 289 Here is a post mortem from a game developer who released two mobile games on iOS and Android. He briefly explains that both of the games ran perfectly fine on all but 3 devices. They weren't targeting a specific version of Android. They're supported devices were over 1900 devices for each game. So the fragmentation isn't as big of an issue as Apple likes to talk it up to being. And after the T-Mobile announcement today the fragmentation should only get better from here.

Comment Re:More shocked that they hired contractors as FTE (Score 1) 955

You shouldn't be. It's easier to fire a contractor if they screw up. You basically cannot fire a civil service (i.e. government employee non active duty) employee after their three year "probation" period is over when first hired. No matter how incompetent or how bad they screw up they will always have a job and even make one if they have to. (I wish I were making that up I truely do). Its also cheaper to find a contractor that already has a clearance and/or experience than to pay for a clearance wait for it to go through and then show them what to do. The government has this mentality that a person when hired for a specific job should be able to do every aspect of that job 100% from day one as if they've been doing it all their life. So its easier for them to contract it out instead of hiring and training someone. IT Contractors get hired for projects so they are full time employees but for a pre-defined time period depending on the contract.

Comment It also gives professors a chance (Score 5, Interesting) 141

to teach a niche or particular subject they find incredibly interesting and the university may not sign off on it. For example I took and Algorithms course, and a cryptography course. Both applicable to the CompSci field and degree programs but not really incorporated in the bulk of programs offered.

Comment I've been preaching this to my help desk (Score 1) 298

Often my help desk guys ask what they can do to get off the phone and do their job better and I say learn from something I over looked for a long time...learn VB and Perl. You can do so many awesome things with minimal code that can help take you systems to the next level. They should learn simple bat & vb scripts and then move to Perl and on from there. I think the biggest problem is that they over look the tools you can create with them. Like logon scripts and scripts to make mapping a printer as simple as double clicking a file.

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