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Comment Re:Dead on. (Score 1) 470

Yep. Bingo. Double Bingo. I never did sign up for Facebook because the whole thing seemed almost childish to me, like, it was for people who had never quite gotten past Middle School socially. They are fascinated with the medium more than the message. The only thing sillier than Facebook is MySpace and the only thing sillier than both is Twitter. I have a lot of friends and when I need to contact them I do - directly. The concept of putting one's life out onto the Internet is just infantile.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - TMNT arcade game released on Xbox Live - 5 bucks

SilentChris writes: Got a chance to download a little of my childhood this morning. The 1989 arcade game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been released on Xbox Live. One of the "most wanted" Live games — sure, you play it though MAME, but it's nice to have leaderboards 4-player online co-op with voice support. 5 bucks makes it more appealing.

Submission + - Asus make laptop fit for Iraq

An anonymous reader writes: According to who are out at CeBIT in Germany, Asus has made a laptop that is specifically designed for use on the battlefield."Codenamed the Rugged Military NB, it's designed for those fighting in extreme conditions, like the desert. It complies with the IP54 standard, which means the chassis is virtually impervious to sand and water." From the pictures it looks like this thing runs on Vista so while the laptop may be ruggedized, I'm not sure I'd want to be stuck out in the field with such a fragile OS.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft to open Xbox Live to Windows users

TMarvelous writes: "Microsoft announced yesterday that it was extending the online gaming service for its Xbox consoles to the millions of people who use Windows PCs to play games over the Internet, a move that could bolster the popularity — and profits — of video gaming.

Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming network that serves some six million Xbox users, is scheduled on May 8 to open its basic and premium features to online PC gamers under the rubric of Games for Windows — Live, Microsoft executives said.

The service coincides with the much-anticipated release of a Windows Vista version of Microsoft's best-selling combat game, Halo 2. e.html"
Linux Business

Submission + - Pushing a Linux build across a network

tiredofnick writes: Do any slashdotters know of a method to push out a Linux build across a network? I work for a college and I am thinking of pushing for an all Linux computer lab. One thing I need to know before I present my arguments for such a lab is if there is a solution for pushing out a Linux image across the network to a lab full of computers. Does anyone know of any such solution?

Submission + - Federal agencies ban Windows Vista

dalmiroy2k writes: Federal agencies ban Windows Vista

Link: t.util.print

As Microsoft is out touting the "wow" of Windows Vista, two federal agencies are among those saying "whoa."

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cite fear of compatibility problems as one of the reasons not to allow their tens of thousands of employees to upgrade to Microsoft's latest operating system.

"We are temporarily not permitting computers with the Vista operating system to be connected to our networks," Michael Baum, a NIST spokesman, said Tuesday. The organization's technology staff is testing NIST applications and evaluating the security in Windows Vista. The same holds true for Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007, he said.

It is not unusual that agencies aren't rushing to install major software updates. Large organizations in particular tend to do a lot of testing before upgrading. The same happened when Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. The actions by DOT, which employs about 54,000 people, and NIST, with 2,900 employees, were first reported by Information Week.

The DOT also bans Vista, Office 2007 and IE 7. In addition to compatibility concerns, the department lists cost, available funding and a pending headquarters move as reasons not to upgrade, according to a DOT memo dated January 19 (click for PDF of the memo). The memo is still current, a DOT representative said Tuesday.

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