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Comment Ripe for abuse (Score 1) 369

Converting a lethal weapon in to a less than lethal is situation ripe for accidental shootings and abuse.What happens if a cop accidentally shoots twice? It gives bad cops plausible deniability, and I haven't seen any evidence that this would be more effective than, or more importantly faster to deploy then a taser.

Comment Re:What About The Parents? (Score 3, Interesting) 436

The majority of the times I ever considered skipping school was because I was being woken up at 7 in the morning and would have prefered another 2 hours of sleep when I would have been far more accepting of the idea.

I went through a period of roughly 2 months in my senior year where I went to sleep at 6PM and woke at around 2AM, now the absurdity of that aside, one benefit of doing so was I didn't miss a single day, wasn't late for a class, and my grades improved significantly. I believe these effects were a direct result of me being well rested, and with the ability to get an extra hours worth of sleep if I felt like it with time to spare.

Comment Re:What About The Parents? (Score 1) 436

Because that's a reasonable concern. Seriously, how many girls actually get knocked up at 12 that have a stable family situation? I don't think the majority of students should suffer starting school at 8 AM (at least where I'm at), to allay they concerns of a few parents who should be doing their job better. If your 12 year old is the kind of person who is going to get knocked up, I doubt starting school earlier is really going to change that.

Comment Re:wow... (Score 2, Informative) 541

As of march 2nd, the update notes for the steam client claim "Really fixed offline mode not always working". This would seem to indicate that valve is in no way trying to prevent people from playing in offline mode and technical issues will arise. Steam is of all the DRM models one of the least restrictive and in my opinion, other then having no DRM at all, preferred even over a simple disk check.

Comment Re:The debate is long from over. (Score 1) 590

Conclusions should never be drawn from anecdotal observation, conclusions drawn from research which is instigated by anecdotal observations. Case in point http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death anecdotes are rife with observation and sampling biases and are not reflective of a total sum of truth. Also your analogy between drunk driving and vaccines causing autism is not really parallel, drunk driving research has not been unsubstantiated.

Comment Re:Compliance Rates & Hands-Free Use (Score 1) 406


Both are actually rights.

Driving is inherently tied to the right of free association. It is, in much of the US, the only means by which one may freely associate with persons of ones own choosing.

Cell phone use is, rather obviously, tied to the right to free speech.

Any activity where one must obtain permission before taking part in said activity is not a right, but in fact a privilege. This includes, driving, concealing a firearm, or owning a business. You can call it what ever you want, but the fact of what will happen if you do any of these things with out said permission precludes them being labeled as "rights".

As a side note, simply saying "WRONG", in all caps no less, does not a strong argument make. As far as I'm aware there is no legal precedent which supports your assertion, and if you would be willing to provide that support I will happily redact my statement.

Comment Re:I prefer good games (Score 1) 186

Please, that's a complete oversimplification of what is a "mature" game. To make an analogy, would you say R rated movies are "just crap that try and shock and entertain children with some adult themes (violence & sex)"? Sure there are some movies(and games) which use that formula to generate hype and sales, but lets take a look at games which, may have violence as part of the game, and in fact might have some sex in there, but which also have a richly developed story and plot, which requires a deep understanding of adult "themes". Case in point, there are no Mass Effects for the Wii.

Comment Re:Over 88,000 Already... (Score 4, Insightful) 313

If everyone who signed the petition canceled their pre-order and/or boycotts the game, that's already over $5mil in lost sales. I'm guessing that through word of mouth that number will certainly go up.

Assuming people have the balls to actually cancel their pre-order and not buy the game. There are a lot of people who bitch and moan about game companies decision's concerning their games, but very rarely do these people seem to do the most effective thing to tell the game company that they don't like it, which is to NOT BUY THE GAME. Its like the people who complain about securROM yet who still buy the game and just send a letter(or so they claim) to the company. They don't give a shit about any of that letter crap, once they have your money they could care less, and if you continue to buy their games you're just perpetuating the problem. Vote with your wallets people.

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