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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Found a Gem, here.... 15

The media, ripe with news that all their picks of the Colts blasting the Pats have failed, have decided to try again. Now its the Pats blasting the Steelers.

But only one article really mentions the Steelers advantage: Dick LeBeau. Ben Roethlisburger has a terrible game, but lets not forget that the defense held the Jets to 3 points (the 14 points were on an Int return and Punt return). If Roethlisburger can at least have a decent game (or get replaced by Maddox), and the defense can do better than the Colts (yeah, I'm chuckling as I write this), then the game will not be the blowout everyone is expecting.
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Football: Found a Gem, here....

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  • He always distracts Sergeant Schultz with his cooking, so that Hogan and the others can do whatever they want behind his back.

  • is they are a no-hype team. No hype when they won the first SB, no hype when they won the second, no hype when they went on their 21 win tear. It's all about preperation, execution and intensity.

    The media who are all about this fake dialogue are only talking about themselves.

    I was right about the Pats though: they just do what is needed to beat teams. The fact that Dillion will be in game (wrt the Pats - Steelers game) might change things. Sure, it might change it to "The Pats aren't losing by 20 the
    • The fact that Dillion will be in game (wrt the Pats - Steelers game) might change things.

      You mean like when the Steelers beat the Eagles without their starting RB and a couple of defensive starters out?
      That doesn't mean anything in the season of Big Ben. The Steelers are a team of D-E-S-T-I-N-Y [].

      Actually, if you consider Buckhalter was the Eagles projected starter, then the Steelers beat them without their backup in there. Wow.

      I'm almost hoping the Steelers eek it out.
      • Both Philly and NE have the ability to do a sort of autobot transformation: they can open the field with running, shovel passes, and screens to their RBs. They can then switch to pretty reliable short passing games. The Pats have used this effectively and are one of the reasons why their 3rd quarter scoring is so high. Shit, its what they did against the Colts: tire the defense on runs and then begin this relentless West Coast dinking offense where they chew off 5 yards a down. 8 minutes later they hav
      • And if the Steelers and Eagles make it to the Super Bowl and the Steelers win you can complain that the Eagles did not have T.O.. Westbrook did play that game against the Steelers you know.

        The Steelers were playing without their starting running back you know and more than a few defensive starters were out for the Steelers also. Oh well, sour grapes I guess.
        • Westbrook was playing in a limited fashion because of injury and their STARTER was OUT, i.e. Buckhalter. He has been all season.

          So their backup was injured, starter was missing.
          • But TO was in. You know, the whole offense designed around him? Now he's out so the whole offense is designed around Westbrook.

            I don't see much of a difference. The steelers are #1 against the run. They have safeties fast enough to keep up with small, quick backs, and hit hard enough to send the likes of Curtis Martin falling backward.

            The offense of the Steelers required the Jets to play a 4-4 defense. Yet they still had 200 rushing yards. Will Belichick be brave enough to put 8 men in the box the
            • John Clayton says that the Jets were using a lot of 5 linement stuff- 5-3's I think.

              Clayton also made one another good point I thought- the Steelers red zone offense has stunk lately. I think that is the biggest reason to pick against the Steelers- not the turnovers or the Patriots being better. I still like the Steelers though, nothing like being a dog in your own house and having something to prove after embarrassing yourself on national television.
            • Who ever said that the Eagles O was designed around TO?
              They have been to 3 Conference Championships without him.

              It would be interesting to see how Bettis does with Trotter plugging the middle, though. He won't run over him like he did Simoneau.
              Just saying, is all...

              BTW, check this [] out, if you haven't seen it yet.

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