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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Doug Brien is my hero 7

Doug, you will always be an MVP in my mind. Every playoff Steelers team has a bad game, I'm glad they won their bad playoff game so they can play well the rest of the post season. Thanks! I'll send ya a fruit basket or something!
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Doug Brien is my hero

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  • Wow. The Steelers found a way to win. The defense showed up at least.
    • Pray that Indy wins today.
      Otherwise Belicheck will make the Jets D look like a rough draft of how to disrupt Big Ben.

      Philly is up near the half and having their way with Minny. We'll see if they get to play with the great Michael Vick and Ed Donatell's D next week.
      • Yeah, yeah. I think I have heard how Belichick will make Roethlisberger look like a rookie before. Like FortKnox wrote, the Steelers got their bad playoff game out of the way.

        The Eagles looked great. Good luck.
  • ...but I saw the acronym MVP and thought 'Microsoft', as in 'Most Valued Professional'. Then I read on and realised you were talking about football...

    Somebody help me, please.

  • At one point during the game I called my Jets Friends and screamed into the phone:

    This is the worst played football game I have ever seen. I'm rooting against whoever wins this game because they both deserve to loose. My coach sucks ass and your kicker is a woman!

    But that was the 8 Hoptical Illusions talkin'

    Go Mighty Pittsburgh Steelers!
  • I don't feel bad for professional athletes when they lose. They are getting rich playing a game and somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. But I feel for that guy (a little-- still not too much). What a lonely feeling that has to be, to blow the game twice and be solely responsible.

    Hopefully you are right and that was the Steelers 'bad' game and it is now out of the way. I'm hoping the game against the Patriots will be great-- not a route or anything.
  • http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/story/2 72652p-233446c.html

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