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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: This weekend 9

Been outta it this week (thanks to being on support)
Anywho, this week we learn the term "Defense wins Championships", because although the last weekend was all offense, the heavy Ds now come into play.

Jets at Steelers: Jets have a chance, but its very slim. Will be a slow, defense/running game, but I think the steelers should maintain control the whole game. Pittsburgh by 7

Rams at Falcons: The Rams have a better offense, but the Falcons D is what will give the Falcons the edge. And Jim Mora Jr may just be waiting to unleash Vick for the postseason... Atlanta by 10

Vikings at Eagles: I think St Louis would have had a better shot at this game. I still don't think the Vikings are 'in it', so Philly gets some repreve from me. Philly by 9

Colts at Pats: All the media are saying Indy should run away with this. The Pats secondary is all torn up! Umm, sorry folks, but the Pats secondary has been all torn up all year. This is just the fodder Belichick needs to get his secondary to win this one for him. It'll be tight, but the MVP for this game is Corey Dillon. Pats by 1

There ya have it... just in enough time to be ahead of the games ;-)
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Football: This weekend

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  • Wondering when you were gonna weigh in!!

    I agree, pretty much on all counts, btw. :)

  • Game starts in roughly 1 hour 45 minutes. I'm looking forward to it. I have a freind who is originally from Pittsburgh (most people in AZ are originally from somewhere else) and last time I saw him he was in a steelers jersey/jacket/pants etc. I called him last night and said I was in a jam and needed him to come help me out today at 2:30. He didn't even bite.
  • All the teams that knock off the Eagles look like the Rams this year? A somewhat good looking team, sneaks in, and just scrapes by until the Eagles are once more humiliated in the NFC championship?

    Not saying its going to happen this year. It wouldn't happen if TO was starting. Problem is, Philly always seems to play above their level. They never seem to have any superstars to share the load with Donovan F. We'll see, but I'm a pessimist. Something happening four years in a row is goddamn statisticall
    • Last two years, McNabb's been hurt and they haven't had a starting RB.
      This year they have both and one of the best defenses in the league, scoring wise.
      They haven't had TO the last two years and if they're serious about calling clutching and grabbing (after the way Pinkston got humiliated last year) then they'll stand a chance.
      Look out for Freddie, too.

      BTW, Big Ben looks like he's in prime playoff form. He better pray Indy wins because even with backups, Belicheck will chew that noise up.
  • and with vetty litlle time left in regulation it's Tied 17/17 and and the jets are in field goal territory... at 43 yards... he hit the cross bar at 47 tonight, and they left 6 seconds on the clock... either the jets win it by 3, or it's an ot game.. and the kick is bad... so into ot it goes...third consecutive ot game for the jets...
  • Man, that was one hell of a game... I didn't expect it to be that exciting, but I was literally on my feet for the last 5 minutes of regulation plus all of overtime. ;)

    Just goes to show the value of a really good kicker. I wonder who will get Nugent in the draft ...
  • Well Josh, I have to go against you with that Patriots pick. Because of the stupid NFL schedule, the Patriots and Cols are real familiar with each other and familiarity is what makes division games so unpredictable. In divison games, people are told to expect the games to be split regardless of record. The Colts are due.

    The New England defense is not that great- they give up some yards just not a lot of points yet.

    I know Patriot fans are in love with Corey "I never sold crack to a cop" Dillon but the P
    • I forgot to mention that I think the Colts will rattle Brady. We both know Brady looked rattled at times in that Pittsburgh game and when the Dolphins got in his face he threw the game away. I know the Dolphins have a much better pass defense than the Colts but if Colts go big early Brady is going to press because he thinks he is Montana and is God's gift to New England and so on. He is not the same QB that won the Super Bowl in 2002- the offense relies on him much more now and at times it seems like he
    • This is why I don't bet.

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