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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Post Season Prediction, Wild Card Edition 8

I will make the weeks predicition, then the rest of the post season. I'll rewrite predicitions (tweaking if necessary) next week when we have the real winners of the post season.

#5 St Louis at #4 Seattle: St Louis has played some fantastic games against the Seahawks, including a 4th quarter comeback. They have swept the Seahawks during the regular season. Lets face it, though. Winning three times against one team is extremely difficult. Playing against a divisional foe, though, and anything can happen. It'll be a close one, but I'll give it to the Rams for their postseason experience. Rams by 2

#5 New York (J) at #4 San Diego: Here's the Bolts real first test. They play a running attacking with a superior defense. Fortunately, the Bolts have the #2 run defense in the league. The Bolts running attack is just as good, but they also have a potent passing attack. Close game determined on special teams and/or turnovers. Chargers by 6

#6 Denver at #3 Indianapolis: Denver sure did show the Indy backups who is boss. Now the game is on the carpet and the starters are in. Denver should produce the same point total as this past sunday. Indy, however, will probably score 5X (or more) than past sunday. Colts by 10

#6 Minnesota at #3 Green Bay: Minnesota is playing like they don't care. That's not gonna fly in Lambeau field. That place IS the playoffs. Pack by 6

Extended Picks:

#5 St Louis at #1 Philedelphia: The Rams have to go to Lincoln Fianacial Field and play the Unanimous #1 of the NFC. I'm going to stick to my guns, though, and say that not playing your starters at least once and not winning a game in the past month will be extremely detrimental to the Eagles. I'll call the upset right here. Rams by 1

#4 San Diego at #1 Pittsburgh: This is the game that me, as a Steeler fan, truely fears. Both teams have a good running attack. Both have good passing. Both have a dominating defense and both have good special teams. This game will be extremely close, but if the Steelers injuried are healed, and having that bye week helps, and, lets not forget how home field helps games, I'm giving it to my team. Steelers by 5

#3 Indianapolis at #2 New England: Want to see the Indy offense fall flat? Take them to icy Foxboro in the middle of January. Edgerinn James will help the offense with some good ground numbers, but they'll be no match for the NE D. Patriots by 3

#3 Green Bay at #2 Atlanta: If this was in Lambeau, I'd give it to the Pack. I think these teams match together perfectly. Atlanta hasn't completely unleashed Vick. Perhaps they are waiting for the post season? Regardless, the Atlanta defense is what makes the team good. Falcons by 3


#2 New England at #1 Pittsburgh: Teh rematch that will be a closer and better game than the Superbowl. The Steelers D will be at its best, and the NE D will bring all its got. Will be a slugfest to the end, but I'll giving it to the better rushing attack, which is Pittsburgh (given that NE won't be completely healed, I don't think its a bad pick). Steelers by 1

#5 St Louis at #2 Atlanta: Carpet team vs Carpet team. Only difference is that one team is a (mostly) high powered offense, and one is a shutdown defense. Can't win championships without defense (just ask Indy). Atlanta by 4


#1(AFC) Pittsburgh vs #2(NFC) Atlanta: Two defensive giants play. However, the 'NFC' defensive giant is really no match for the 'AFC' defensive giant. The atlanta front four is good, but Pittsburgh is a team that was stuffing run stopping elite teams (like NE and Baltimore) and kicking them in the teeth. This will be a slow running/defensive game. Just the way the Steelers like to play. Pittsburgh by 10

That's the picks. Yeah, I know the iggle fans will come out of the hills to bitch at me. Just the same when I predicted the Steelers would beat them. So, lets see how things unfold, shall we??
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Football: Post Season Prediction, Wild Card Edition

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  • that the Eagles will get smoked by a "house money" team out of the NFC (i.e. all that the NFC ever produces now). They just can't get over the top now that TO is out. I wouldn't put faith in handing to Westbrook and wheeling it for 30 times a game.

    I also think that Pittsburgh is lacking in postseason expertise. I just never have the faith in Cowher. I think Bilichick or someone will roll something out and flumox them to no end (kind of like what happened to the Colts last year. And, no, I don't think
  • Just a few minor gripes, I think the Colts would win if they were to play the Pats- the Colts are due. I don't know if I could see the Rams upsetting the Eagles. But hey, as long as the Steelers win who cares?
  • Green Bay vs. Philly for NFC. Exercise the ghost of the Lombardi curse.
    Philly-Pittsburgh Supe. Dunno about that yet. Easy to stunt when they don't have to worry about Westbrook. He's a tough dude to tackle.

    Otherwise you seem spot on.
  • My prediction is a a score of 34/31 with a last second field goal by green bay... After all that was how the Last [] games went... []
  • According to ESPN yesterday, after beating a team twice in the regular season, 15 times in NFL history have those 2 teams met in the playoffs, with the 3 game sweep happening 10 of the 15 meets. So apparently it isn't that hard to beat a team 3 times. :)

    Oh, and for those bird fans in denial, just remember:
    Pittsburgh beat Philly in the pre-season.
    Pittsburgh beat Philly during the season.
    All that's left is for Pittsburgh to beat Philly in the post-season.

    Pittsburgh beat Philly at Licoln Financial field.
  • Hell, if you count the barely beat the 'Skins, the Eagles have an even worse record. If that's the best the NFC has to offer, the AFC championship game is truly the end of the season.

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