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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Interesting Superbowl with Postseason Thoughts 14

The only teams I fear in the offseason are the Pats (only if they have homefield), and the Chargers (history tells me to always fear the cindarella story).

That being said, if the Chargers end up getting to the superbowl, I think the matchup will be: The Chargers vs. The Falcons

Yup, the might of the 2001 draft up against one another. Vick vs Tomlinson&Brees.
Funny thing is that it wouldn't be about the offenses, but the defenses. Would be a great superbowl with the Bolts just inching out the win.

Of course, if the Steelers go to the big dance, it doesn't matter who the NFC brings. None of them scare me.
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Football: Interesting Superbowl with Postseason Thoughts

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  • If there is an Eagles vs. Steelers Superbowl, I don't care how much a ticket costs, but I will be there.
  • Dunno man, the steelers haven't been doing much on offense lately. Past 4 games they haven't put on more than 20 points, and the only reason they beat the Bengals is because the Bengals beat themselves (As they often do).

    That, and it will be rough to get the home field advantage. Look who the pats get to play, The Dolphins, the Jets and the 49ers...

    Obviously, two of those games are almost a bye... the Jets being the only rough one.

    The Steelers on the other hand wind up with the Giants, the Ravens and the
    • First of all, the Steelers play the running game. That doesn't mean you win the game by 50 points, it means you get up by a score, and let your defense and running game slow the game down and bleed the clock. Offenses get restless and eventually start making mistakes. You take those mistakes and slowly run the clock some more. Sometimes you can even get a FG or TD out of them, but that's not the point. The point is to get the offense more restless to provide more turnovers for you to run the clock more
    • The only thing that matters point-wise is that the end up with more than however they are playing and that has happened 12 times. While the Steeler offense may have seemed anemic the past few weeks, remember they are dealing with injury. Staley is slowly coming back from a hamstring and Burress is out (although I think Burress is overrated the Steelers do not have an expierenced backup there).

      As for the Ravens game, Billick has never swept a season series against Pittsburgh.

      You probably will laugh at me
      • Eagles are playing Dallas at home (win), then St. Louis on the road (tough) and then the Bengals at home (tough).

        So its possible for the Eagles to wind up at 13-3. Which in the NFC is good enough for home field advantage through the playoffs.
        • Yeah, the Eagles probably have homefield already just not mathematically. I have seen the Raven fans wishing they were in the NFC because the Ravens would be a "powerhouse" then.
      • Ugh, laughing at myself for using *too* instead of *two*.
  • As a long time Chargers fan and season ticket holder, I am glad to see the Chargers getting a little love. I remember going into the season thinking 5 wins would be a good year. On the 26th the Chargers play the Colts in Indy, if they win there then I think they can beat anyone. I am excited, this maybe the first year I get to see a NFL post season game in person and it maybe another 10 years before I get another chance :/
  • Alright, while Atlanta might almost scare this Iggles fan, be serious. They just got blanked last week, right? Right? Against a defense weaker than the Birds.

    As for no NFC team scaring yin, that's fine. I think if the Iggles meet the Stillers, yin shouldn't be scared, cause yin got it in the bag.

    Lord knows Andy Reid always pulls out the big playbook for the AFC games. Can't wait. Bring it on.
    • by duder ( 86761 )
      The Falcons are hit or miss- sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad. With that said, I think they are the biggest wild card in the NFC.

      If it is a close game in the fourth, the last thing a defense wants to do is chase down Michael Vick- but the problem with Vick is that he is always thinking run.

      If the Flacons have a defense on a given day and commit to running the ball- I think that is a real tough team.

      Almost any other year they would be getting a lot more due- but with three 12-1 teams that j
  • I know defense wins championships but the Colts could be exception to the rule. A lot of it depends on how hot Peyton Manning is when he is facing the better defenses.

    The Colts scare me as a Steeler fan more than the Chargers. I still am not sold on our secondary- Hope and Williams/Scott seem too suspect- and the Colts do not give up sacks.

    If a Steelers-Patriots game were to happen again it would probably come down to homefield advantage.
    • Not the least bit worried about the Colts. Their defense will be crushed by the running game, the game will be slowed down to the Steelers tempo. LeBeau has some tricks under his sleeves for a team like Indy...
  • by On Lawn ( 1073 )

    I seem to remember you making a prediction about the Chargers. Perhaps I should dig through your Journal to find it... :)

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