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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Upset of the Week! Jags Over Pitt?? 2

Yeah, every sports writer is jumping on the "time for Pittsburgh to lose!" bandwagon. Sorry, folks, though Fred Taylor has owned them in the past, the defense is waaay to harsh for Taylor and Leftwich to handle. Yeah, they'll stay in the game, but I think the Steelers will walk away with this one without much trouble.

If you really want to know the closest thing to an upset the Steelers will have, watch the Pitt/Baltimore game. Baltimore will be fighting to keep their wildcard shot, and Pitt will be fighting for homefield. Emotions will be WAAAY high, so it'll go either way.

Want an upset this week?

Cincinnati over Baltimore. People keep turning their backs to Cincinnati. Yeah, the offense won't do much against the Raven D, but the Cincinnati defense has been very opportunistic against its last few opponents (the browns game being a mulligan). I think that if they can stop Chester Taylor (Jamal already told everyone he isn't playing), they won't have trouble picking off Boller. This Cincy secondary is one of the tops in the NFL (the line and LB core, though, are questionable at best).

Don't like that upset? How about Brett Favre getting his revenge on the Eagles this week? Yeah, the Pack are just in a groove, especially after last weeks win.
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Football: Upset of the Week! Jags Over Pitt??

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  • by duder ( 86761 )
    Jacksonville scares me just because the Steelers do not play well done there. I still think we are going to win though.

    I really don't think the Pittsburgh-Baltimore game will be that close. At the end of that pummeling Ray Lewis is going to be balling his eyes out just like in 2001. No way do they win in Pittsburgh that late in the season.

    The Bengals-Ravens game could be tough for the Ravens. I picked the Ravens to win but I do really the Bengals in this one. But heck, I also like Clevend against New

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