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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Colin Farrel as James Bond? HELL F*CKING NO! 23

Pierce, who could have vaulted himself as a better Bond than Connery if given a couple more movies, has conceded that he is done with Bond movies. So, who does he say would be a good Bond? Colin Farrel? I want to know what Mr. Brosnan is smoking so I have a good deal of it on hand if Farrel gets the part.

Russel Crowe? HELL NO!
Jude Law.... maybe?
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Colin Farrel as James Bond? HELL F*CKING NO!

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  • The reason that Connery was such a good Bond was that he had a dark side - or the perception of one. None of the others have really had it, though Brosnan hinted at it a little in Die Another Day. Can you name all of the actors that have played the James Bond role?
    • Of course I can name the bonds (no, not looking it up). I got all the movies. Can almost name them all in order, too.
      Sean Connery
      George Lazenby (who I didn't think was that bad)
      Sean Connery again
      Roger Moore
      Timothy Dalton
      Pierce Brosnan

      And don't give me those "Casino Royale" actors... that wasn't an 'official' Bond movie.
      • I only count David Niven from Casino Royale, but I do count him (and the question was specifically phrased to indicate that). Used to be that most people would forget Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service really suffers from comparison with the book, however.

        Always fun to discuss.
      • So you gonna count "Never Say Never Again"?
    • Counting the entire bunch from 'Casino Royale', or only UA/MGM Bond films?
  • First off, I wanna say that Brosnan has been a brilliant Bond. Connery will always be the best, but Brosnan was really good.

    Now, out of those listed in the article, I'd say that Hugh Jackman is by FAR the closest to what I see as Bond. Essentially, Bond is just damn sexy. I don't see that with the other guys, and *definitely* not Jude Law.

    Bond needs to have this smoldering quality -- Jackman's got that, most definitely. Do you think we could get him to wear some of those snuggish manshorts like Connery
    • Agreed with your Hugh Jackman assessment.
      BTW, is he a Brit. You can't play Bond if you're a Brit.

      And BTW, where is the obligatory link to the Bond poll? Wasn't that in the HOF for a while or something?

      Or maybe I dreamed it...

      • After seeing Kate and Leopold I was sure he was a Brit, but no he's just Australian.

        I think the only Bond that was a true Brit was Moore.
        • The only aussie that was a bond, though, was George Lazenby. All the rest were from the UK or Ireland.
          • For the record, courtesy imdb.com:

            • David Niven: London, England (If you want to count Casino Royale)
            • Sean Connery: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland (That rumble you hear in the distance is Connery running like hell to kick FK's ass for lumping Scotland in with the rest of the UK.)
            • George Lazenby: Queanbeyan City, New South Wales, Australia
            • Roger Moore: Stockwell, London, England
            • Timothy Dalton: Colwyn Bay, Wales
            • Pierce Brosnan: Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

            I won't go into all of the potential new Bonds

      • he's an aussie :)
    • Yesser. Smoldering Jackman.

      I saw an article similar to this in (People?) a magazine a couple months back, and a fourth guy was named. Can't recall who, so I guess this is a pretty useless post.

      Yesser. Smoldering Jackman.

    • I'd say that Hugh Jackman is by FAR the closest to what I see as Bond.

      Dang it, your absolutely right.

      And the only people that see it are women (and me) because they watched that wierd movie with Meg Ryan. He was such a different person in that movie that my wife was suprised to hear that he was the same guy that played Wolverine.

      I'm with you, Collin could do pretty well but Hugh would be the next Connery.
      • Oh, and don't forget that he was in that one with Ashley Judd, too -- the one where she does the cheerleader routine in her skivvies in the kitchen.

        Mmmm... Ashley Judd... Oh -- wait. I'm supposed to be straight. That's right.

        Mmmm... Hugh Jackman... YUM! :-)

    • If Hugh got the part, it wouldn't matter if all the pre-pubescent boys in the planet never went to another Bond flick again.

      Every Woman in the world would stampede down the doors to go see him. Doubleplus if his shirt comes off.

  • Clive Owen would be an even better Bond than Brosnan. Go rent "Croupier" and then tell me he can't handle himself in a casino.
  • I kinda like the idea of a James Bond who can't finish a sentence without dropping an f-bomb. I can see it now: The Spy Who Fuckin' Loved Me, starring Farrell as 007, with Ewan MacGregor as Ernst Fuckin' Blofeld, Jr, written and directed by Quentin Tarentino. With Shannon Elizabeth as the most obviously named Bond Girl since Pussy Galore, Boo-Boo Kitty Fuck.

    I don't blame Brosnan for calling it quits, though. Lee Tamahori took Die Another Day waaaaaay over the top, even by Bond standards. Now they want to

  • Puhlease.

    Everyone who is anyone knows the one and only Bond is Sean Connery.

    (although, Bethanie's idea of Hugh Jackman being a valid choice has merit)
  • If you were to dump the movie 'franchise' that is James Bond and get back to the original books, James Bond was never Mr. Suave. Colin Farrell would be very true to Iam Fleming's original portrayal.

    The James Bond of Ian Fleming's books was a dark, ruddy character, not a prancing fop. He was somebody who would not be out of place on the waterfront. At times he cleaned up, but this 'always in a tux' thing is just a creation of various movie directors.

    Of course, even if Colin Farrell got the part, he woul
  • I would prefer Jackman as he's got more of "it", and despite the fact that he's had a couple of HUGE roles

    If Orlando Bloom or Jude Law gets it I will be really sad... I would prefer Farrel get it than them. I really don't think they have a chance.

    Ioan Gruffudd could pull it off nicely, actually, and so could Julian McMahon and Clive Owen, mainly because they won't be overshadowed by other roles they've played and they aren't too far off from the part.

    Those are the actors I've heard who were being conside
  • He just needs a hair cut & and an accent. And I don't even think he's on anyone's radar for the part...

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