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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'M SO PROUD! 4

Well, slashdot bigwig "Roblimo" wrote a satirical article about a Linux Virus. The audience responded with several Score:5 comments about how childish it was, and how elitest it was.

Yay! I was out of town, and some of you had the gull to say it, and even more of you had the gull to mod it up. Thanks for getting straight in the /. editors face to tell them to stop being such bigots :-)
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  • This past weekend, I've been trying to get some help from my LUG (VanLUG) so that I can perfect this installation script for RH. You would think that they'd be more than interested to help someone help the community, and give back to them. During that time one man questioned my competence, another commented on my lack thereof.

    I can understand that some people would prefer a mailing list to be devoted only to professionals, but you'd think that it would be a bit more obvious so that the rest of us can steer clear.

    I can't help but wonder what the future holds. Will people become disillusioned to discover that their efforts resulted in very little? Hmm, I can't help but wonder.

    Don't get me wrong. I think Linux is great and that anybody could make use of it. However, the new users are going to need help, and somebody's going to have to pay for it. RTFM isn't going to help, because people don't like reading hard-to-understand man pages and howto's. I hate it when the man page doesn't tell you anything new at all, and assumes that you have a good understanding of everything else in Linux.
    • That's exactly why I complain.

      Funny thing is, they were once new to this whole linux deal, and someone was nice enough to tutor them through it. So what do they do? Call people morons who are trying it out and don't understand something. That's bigotry.

      Why would they do it?
      One of the biggest philosophy's is that they want linux to stay small and they can be the 'elite few users' that can understand how to use it (which is why I use the term 'elitism' so much). There are other philsophy's, but I still hold on to this one. It seems the most rational solution. Anyway, I'll try to help you with your script, if I can, just post it/questions to one of my journals (if I can't, maybe another reader can help?).
      • Anyway, I'll try to help you with your script, if I can, just post it/questions to one of my journals (if I can't, maybe another reader can help?).
        Oh, thanks. That's a very generous offer. I appreciate it a lot. However the guy who first questioned my competence also answered my question. It turns out that "wait" was the command that I was looking for. I'll post it in short hand right here just in case you're curious:

        # Do the following to figure out what is already installed
        # so that we won't have to ftp it unecessarily
        rpm -qa > myfile &

        # While that is being done, ask which packages need to be installed:
        # KDE desktop, Gnome Desktop, networking, etc.

        # Wait for all background processes to complete before carrying on.
        # The next section needs "myfile" to be complete. This is where I
        # used the command "fg", because I didn't understand how "fg" is supposed
        # to be "interactive", as the guy said.

        # Take list, and compare to other lists to see what needs to be installed.

        Some of this is also my fault, because I didn't read about all of the commands by typing "help". Still, I think that they were a bit harsh considering all things. At the time, I equated "wait" with "sleep", both requiring an arguement of how many seconds to wait or sleep. Boy, was I wrong! For what it's worth, I did read a large portion of "Bash Scripting HowTo", and "Advanced Bash Scripting HowTo"--just not enough.

        The problem with the elitest attitude of "You have to read the documentation before we'll help you!" is that there is no way to know if the person has read the documentation. No one should read an entire HowTo, just for one small question. This is especially true in my case when the script would have worked just as well without "&" and "wait". It would have only taken longer, and I would have been done with it earlier.

        Anyways, I appreciate your comments when you speak out against things. Take care, and congratulations on your new born child!

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