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Journal FortKnox's Journal: THE DAY IS MINE! 10

You may have thought it was yours, but my 1337 c0d1nG Sk1LLZ have proven efficient under stress.
At the start of this week, my IBS was almost full out cause I had 15.5 days of scheduled work that I had to finish by Wednesday. It got pushed to today, and no only did I finish, I didn't even use hacks to do it. I'm always a fantastic coder under pressure and I just really showed off this week!

So, tonight my wife is doing the whole "staying at the church for an overnight with the church's kids club", so after I visit her, I'm doing the relaxation thang. Then I'll start pumping out requirements for "The New Site(tm)" tomorrow and this weekend (oh, probably should buy the domain, too... no its not called "The New Site").

Went to see The Bourne Supremacy Tuesday night. Honestly, I didn't think it was 'all that.' Most people thought it was better than the first (and they are all on crack). The first had such a great story (I dunno who I am, some guys hasselling me... HOLY SHIT, I KNOW KUNG FU!). The story for this is rather flat and overused. (No spoilers, just as much as the trailer tells): Someone is framing him, so he has to be the bad guy for two people and show everyone he's not evil. It was an action fest, and better than any action flick you'll probably see this year, but I still think the first one is the best one.

Oh, and not only am I a good coder this week, apparently, I'm a troll worthy of notice(?)
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  • You can have today l33t m45t3r. I'll give it to you out of pity.

    Heh. ;)
  • and I don't get the render problems you speak of, or at least I don't notice any. In any case if you look at it as a troll, it was a brilliant one. You manage to attack both firefox and /. while being ambiguous enough that anyone that responds could think you are defending one and attacking the other or vice-versa. Such a ploy is sure to get responses. Plus you tapped into the geek shame/hatred of the sloppy coding job that is /.
    • Perhaps others of us don't get those who don't have problems then. I use FF 0.8 on Java Desktoip System release 2 (aka SuSE Enterprise 1.0 or whatever), and RIGHT NOW above this input box, your text is overlapping the "sections" mini-header on the left. I had to reload and then shift reload FK's original article 2 or 3 times before it was properly spaced in the middle of the page and not overlapping things on both sides of the layout. Even using 0.9.1 on windows or Solaris I often see the same problem.
      • Every now and again /. renders improperly for me using Firefox on both Linux and in Windows. Most frequently it's text spacing like you said, text that overlaps the navigation on the left. However, the biggest pain is when I get a bunch of horizontal bars and no content.

        I noticed recently there was a scrollbar at the bottom of the page when that particular no content rendering happens, but had already hit reload as has become habit. The thing is that FK could be right, even if he was trolling. It only seems

  • The books by Robert Ludlum (Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum--possibly not in that order) are better. I haven't seen the 2nd movie yet, but I've heard the relationship (book better than movie) is the same as the first.

    The first book is the best (the next two, especially the last, are very sequelish) and makes *much* more sense than the movie. It goes into more detail (especially into the relationship between the CIA and Bourne) and introduces a whole new character (and reason for Bourne being undercov
  • Just out of bored curiosity, why was there such a large amount of work to do in a few days time? Bad project management, previous code that just needed fixing, not keeping up with work prior? You're leaving us in the dark as to why the day is really yours.

    And if it's bad management do you think you've dug a deeper hole by reinforcing their unreasonable expectations?

    • It was a project that was time sensitive. Needed to be complaint with Sarbanes-Oxley asap.
      While in the middle of the project, that was already a little overloaded, I had 'important' bug request I needed to do right away (one of our clients is a drama queen who thinks every little issue is of dire importance). I had to spend many days on this stupid bug, only to be told after it was finished that it could wait. That threw me way off schedule along with enhancements on a project I've never seen before (an

    That was Yesterday, Thursday.

    Friday belongs to Richard Milhous Nixon.

    That's right!

    Nixon is The Man!

    I don't have l33t h@x0r sk1LL$ but I don't need them.
    I'm the c00lest president who ever lived.
    Go Nixon! Go Nixon! Go Nixon!

    Oh, and the Bourne movies never interested me.
    I might see them it I were theature hopping.
    But then I would consider seeing Chronicles of Riddick if I were theature hopping.

    I'm a conservative, and that sometimes means I'm a cheap bastard.
    Fsck the MPAA!

    But I'm glad

Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.