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Journal FortKnox's Journal: New Site: Hang on a little longer 17

I got a name picked out, just have to register it before I announce it. If you are itchin to know, and I know you pretty well, marotti _at_ gmail.com for the name.

I also have a slew of requirements already pounded out from this weekend that I'll post somewhere.

Problem, though, is I'm a week behind in work on something that is due early next week. Gotta bring the paycheck home, so this site will be pushed to the backburner (I'll work on it late at night if I'm not working on work) for the week. I'm not giving up, just have to do my job first. After the requirements comes the use cases. That's the fun part. Anyone have experience in it that wants to help?

Got a lot of requests to help in development, so I'll probably hook up a sourceforge project from the start. If you wanna help, it'll be in Java using the following technologies (so go learn'm!):
Tapestry for the front-end
Hibernate for the back-end
Spring Framework for the transaction layer
(For a tapestry-spring-hibernate example, see better petshop demo).
Then the usual ant for builds, junit, dbunit, cactus for testing, mysql for db (everyone has their own local DB and we'll use dbunit xml's to pass data around when necessary). That's all I can think of atm, so learn any of them you are unfamiliar with. I'll probably use CVS through eclipse and break up the projects, so the easiest way to develop would be to use eclipse and simply get the entire project through the eclipse cvs perspective. Any questions?

Update: I should mention that everything seems pretty ironed out in my mind except moderation. Lots of ideas were passed around, but its still not clear what the best way to go is with moderation. Will contemplate it more, later.
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New Site: Hang on a little longer

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  • by blinder ( 153117 )
    I'll probably use CVS through eclipse and break up the projects

    there really shouldn't be any "probably" here :)

    this is a must if you want to entertain a multi-developer effort. Hell, we have a 20+ developer community here, and we use PVCS and without it, it would be complete anarchy.

    have you figured in caching of pages (i.e. publishing some pages as static, as they do here)? Its always a good idea when appropriate.

    Also... why mysql? why not postgres? just curious... postgres always seems a bit more e
    • CVS isn't the 'probably'... its whether I'll use the cvs plugin in eclipse, and breakup the whole thing into (at least) 3 projects... backend, frontend, unit test. Same package structures, just seperated out by project (that way the final ear doesn't have the unit test data).

      mysql I like just cause everyone uses it. Could easily switch to postgres (hell, as long as I can get dbvisualizer to see it, I'm happy).
      • I agree with blinder that you should go with postgres. Less political horse doodoo, and it has some nicer features. IIRC, true ACIDity.

        If you go with sourceforge, make sure to maintain a mirror of every bit of content. Their uptimes are hinky. One of us could grab the necessary software, and set up a repository elsewhere. I would also question why the need for sourceforge itself. Do you really need everything it offers, or do you just need bug tracking and CVS?

        BTW, are there any good printing modules for
      • Postgres for mature FK (ha) support, stored procs, 'n' triggers. MySQL is for kidz and /. "developers"; remember MVC...MVC...MVC. (cough)

        Subversion for version control (allows bulk-checkin instead of piecemeal when a change affects a group).

        Struts is the more mature framework (i.e., fewer bugs/more lessons learned), but if you wanna play with the new stuff, I'm game. What about JSF?

        I'll email you more reqs.

        • tapestry is almost as mature as struts. JSF is still VERY beta. Would love to try it, just think its a bit immature atm.
  • ...planning on making provisions for journal archival on the new system?

    Do you plan on letting users move their old journals? With comments? No comments? Will they have to do it all manually, or will you allow for programmatic uploading?

    • I dunno. Honestly, I'd like to just get the new journalling system installed. I'm leaning towards not having this archival process at all, but since so many people want it, it'll have to be a top of the list request. There isn't really a 'pretty' way of doing it. Maybe keying in the rss for the journal feed and ripping the title, topics, and timestamps into the new system. The comments and such would have to come from your script. Ugh... I was trying not to think about it, but I'll recontemplate it.
      • Right now, it only outputs "extended text" which is plain text that preserves links and a handful of formatting HTML tags. Getting that part done was the hard part, because now I can reduce an entire journal entry page to plain je text and title which means whatever formatting I want is fair game. I plan on allowing a generic XHTML page to come out, plain text, the "extended text" it does now, plus XML and an allowance for you to push your journal content through a custom template. Basically, as long as you

        • Personally, I'll be dumping everything into my blog. Possible future stuff may go in both places, but why overwhelm the new system with a bunch of cruft?

          Might I suggest that you and Josh work together so that if the need for future archiving becomes extent, there will be a pre-existing method for extracting the data? In addition to technical benefits of a built-in vs. tacked on (or hacked on?) archival function, there is a strong political benefit: the easier it is to leave the new community, the more it f
          • Thought I had over the weekend was something along the lines of...
            "Why not allow users to have their own sites, should they choose, and then use the central site as an RSS aggregator that would allow a user to either publish from their site or on the central site?"

            I use drupal, gmhowell uses MovableType (or did once, I remember some script kiddy griping a while back...)
            Anyway, one of the members could either go to the ring site or to the 'source' site to see what's up (my site would have the RSS feed a
            • Yes yes yes... I had this in mind from the start. It uses ANY rss feed for info, so you can input one and start reading it. So, for example, LadyGuardian doesn't post here anymore, but you'd still see her journals on the new site, cause ladyguardian.com has an RSS feed (dunno if she does or not, though).

              But if you don't have your own blogging site, you can post your own journals on the new site.

              You have a link to the site posting the journal, and can post comments there (but that's outside the 'new si
            • Certainly a more interesting feature for the journals at any rate. (BTW, I switched to WordPress. A bit more obscure, no stupid licensing issues.)
              • Well, I've been meaning to tell you about drupal [drupal.org], as an FYI.
                No licensing muck there either (I don't think.)
                • IIRC, I looked at drupal a long time ago, and concluded it was way too heavy for my needs. One of the reasons I grabbed wordpress is that it is just a durn blog.

                  If I ever get a bug in my bonnet to change again, I'll check it out.
  • Have you given any thought to spitting out very generic HTML, maybe XHTML2, and having several stylesheets(themes) available to the user to pick from? Maybe even having a text box in the account section where the user can edit his/her own stylesheet on the fly and apply it to the account. In the words of WinAmp, that would kick the llama's ass!
    • I dunno about having the user edit his/her own stylesheet, but yes, it will be very css oriented (I love the site www.csszengarden.com, and will use the 'mediterannean' stylesheet up front. Will make it so I can add a lot of stylesheets to allow the user to have his/her own stylesheet of choice (maybe have contests to get your own stylesheet included?).
  • I'm up for helping out with testing the interface and suchlike. Check your GMail.


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