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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Galaxis: Get on and spend your cash! 13

Galaxis people...t he game was down overnight and all day today. It just came back up and they kept moving turns... so EVERYONE has a ton of cash (though they disabled attacking for a while), so log in and spend the cash (I suggest a shipyard if you don't already have one). Need to get rid of that cash before they reinstate attacking!!!
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Galaxis: Get on and spend your cash!

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  • I get a lot about the card game and the board game, but nothing about an online game.

    Is it a free game? What's it about?

      • I was thinking of joining, but I know too little about the races to know which one to pick. "Defense bonus" what is that? Is that all around for all units?

        May be I should just pick a race and play it like it is and learn aloung the way.
        • start human... get more money and credits... worth it to start. And message Pirogoeth when you join to get into our alliance.
          • I can probably play every other day with consistancy... some weeks every day. Is that good enough to join up or are you looking for a more involved player?

            The sign up form asks for a referer URL. Do I need to be refered before I create an account? If so how? The reason I ask is because it says that the refering person may get special stuff, so I want to make sure someone gets it...

            • referals don't get anything.
              We want you on every day if possible (just bank your money), but its not that big of a deal.
              • WEll, hell. I surf /. every day, and when NationStates was fun I was on it every day. So that shouldn't be too hard.

                How much time do you spend on it each day? 30 minutes? More? Less?

    • If you sign up to play, we have a Slashdot Alliance going with four spots to fill. Reply to this post or Send me a message in Galaxis at Millwood, FSoF, Pirogoeth and I'll send you the link so you can join the alliance.
  • Only kidding.

  • I had my strategy worked out and everything then BAM no freakin' site. So I start sweating and stuff figuring that it was only a DNS error keeping me, and only me, from doing anything.

    I was expecting to have the phrase D00d, w3 ownez j00 stenciled on the back of my shuttlecraft because I knew that I was a wonderful target.

    Then I get in this morning expecting to be able to log on from work but the same problem was happening here. Then I had a four hour class to go to.

    So when I was able to finally co
    • The basic bad thing is your colony gets attacked and you lose a bunch of credits and materials. Some damage occurs to your defense so repair it. Militia get killed but no one else. And it doesn't look like fleet damage is implemented yet, but once that is in then if you don't repair your ships they can be stolen. The best way to avoid being a target is to keep your credit and material levels low.
  • Or is it just me? And they just moved to a "newer, faster server" as well...

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