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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Desert Combat 17

You know what the great thing is about Desert Combat (a bf1942 mod)??

When a sniper bitch comes around to your home base and starts picking off people that are waiting around for heli's and jets, you can slowly aim your howitzer for some pretty stress-relieving explosions.
I, personally, try to see how high and how far I can make the body fly. I knocked about 4 guys completely across my base last night.

Another fun thing to do is hit circling heli's with a howitzer.... they go 'booom!'.... only bad part is when the rubble falls on a group of guys waiting for heli's and jets...

Honestly, waiting for a helis and jets isn't a good idea, folks (and most idiots jump into the helis and have no idea how to fly them... if you don't know how to fly them (raises hand), then jump in and take a gunner spot! There is nothing more embarassing than a full heli (8 or so guys) lift off and crash before they reach the end of the base)

Anyone else big into desert combat? I usually play on BIG servers that are full of people (like 32-40 max players, almost full, punkbuster enabled, with low ping). If so, I go, surprisingly, by 'fortknox', so come lookin for me... I play after 8pm (EST) on weeknights until about 10.
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Desert Combat

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  • Actually a bunch of guys I used to play HL TFC with are running a DC server. They just rented a new one and I played on it Saturday night. They run a good llama-free server so feel free to show up. They all know me as Thanatos though so tell 'em I sent ya.

    State of Chaos [stateofchaos.net] for more info.

    And I can't fly either. I may try but I specialize in "controlled flight into terrain". Not good.
  • Wicked would like to point out that not being able to fly a helicopter is no excuse for standing on the sidelines. She'd also like to say that she wants peanut butter and jelly for lunch and will trade you three marbles, a grenade (pin intact) and her milk for that banana and your blue crayon.
  • I'm replaying the solo Freedom Force again. When I'm done, I was going to reinstall RTCW and try to finish it, but maybe I'll dig around for BF:1942 and do DC instead. Have you played BF:Vietnam yet? Is that having any impact on the number of people playing DC?
    • Have you played BF:Vietnam yet? Is that having any impact on the number of people playing DC?

      Not played BF:Vietnam... most BF1942'ers return from it because it doesn't seem 'finished' at all. DC is still EXTREMELY popular in BF1942... I usually find more DC servers than standard BF1942 servers.
      • I have to disagree... I noticed a decline in DC servers since 'nam came out.

        I do play both... In fact, I've been playing 'nam a lot more, but lately I've gone back for some DC action. At first I didn't like 'nam as much because the helicopter control was a lot different, but I've become used to it and I actually think it's better, especially since I control with the KB & Mouse.

        Oh, and I'm an *EXCELLENT* helicopter pilot (not to brag or anything, but I *AM* damn good). I really like helicopters... My f
        • I didn't see you online last night.

          I wound up playing for a while and staying up until 1 am. Doh!
          • I was on... dunno how you missed me. Played from around 9-10
            • Well, I play as [Chameleon] [bftracks.com].

              I see now that the problem was case (thought it was anyway). Your game name is FortKnox [bftracks.com], not fortknox. ;-)

              This morning I woke up and found my hard drive to be deathly ill, so I might not be on for a few/several days.
              The only thing on it I'm concerned about is /home. I hope I can recover it!
              • Wow... I'm not very good at all ;-)

                Well, I'll probably play tonight and tomorrow night, but am out of town from friday till monday, so we'll have to try to play sometimes next week.
                • I didn't leave church until after 9:30pm PST... My wife says I'm too long winded. ;)

                  My hard drive is OK. It either overheated or Linux 2.6.6 freaked out for some reason.

                  I'll try and be online tonight, but I have to help a friend with his PC, so I might not be on until after 8pm PST.

                  I'll correct your name in the Eye and I'll keep a look out for you.
                  • I'll be on sometime after 8 (EST) myself.
                    • Ohh, EST... I thought you were in CST...

                      Well, I obviously missed you. I guess we'll try to catch up next week. I'm busy during the evenings of Tues-Thur tho.. so I'll try for Monday and Friday.
                    • last night I was on 9-10pm EST. Had a riot (as I mentioned in another comment)... like 30 kills with a big machine gun ... 3rd place on a server with 50 on. Best game I've had so far :-D
                    • Yeah, the Heavy Machine Gun is pretty cool... Accurate enough when prone to pick off infantry from a distance, yet with enough powerful ammo to bring down helicopers and obliterate small vehicles. Gotta love it!

                      I was on later with a coworker friend. He was tearing it up... I was just doing OK.

                      I tend to play on servers with fewer than 16 people. Beyond that, my machine [homelinux.net] really starts to crawl... Not sure why exactly, since I figure it's more than capable.

                    • wow... gotta be the video card? Seems like the only thing on your system that has the possibility of bogging things down (I run a 9600XT with max distance and all... works like a charm without problems).
  • by trmj ( 579410 )
    My friends and I (used to) play 'Nam all the time. We have a tendancy to go from one game to another dominating the stats of the fastest/most popular servers. Although we got bored with 'Nam, we all despise (with passion) desert combat. Way too buggy. 'Nam is so completely well done, I don't see how people could say it's not.
  • I haven't played since just after 0.4 was released or was it 0.6? I used to run a 36 player server. Used to play with Xerithane and shadowspark.

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