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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Random Ramblings 22

First, you must click here and read about the Spider Man Comics Stan Lee doesn't want you to see, then click here to read the comments. There is bad language in it, if that's against company policy or whatever. My bro emailed it to me today. One of those 'have to make up a story to everyone around you why you can't stop laughing' websites.

I'm kinda sick today. Can't stop coughing (unproductive coughs), feeling a bit wheezy, throat hurts from the coughing. I came to work anyway. Wife thinks it may be due to something that happened when I got my tooth ground for my crown.

Oh yeah, I had my tooth ground for a crown on Wednesday (said something about it last JE). It was quite painless (although I needed about 3 shots of novacane). While grinding the tooth, he actually saw the fracture. It ran over the top of my tooth, down the side all the way below the gumline... so he had to grind and polish the tooth below the gumline. No problems... I was novacaned up....

That was... until the novacane wore off. I was MISERABLE wednesday night... went out and bought some ibuprofen and drugged myself the rest of the evening. Yesterday wasn't so bad, but late that night is when I started feeling sick... and now that's where I am today. If I start losing breath or having tightness, I'm getting an appt with my doctor and just leaving work early.

Oh, and not only do I have enough Peanut Butter for my lunch, I had enough for peanut butter fudge (SW - if you have tons extra peanut butter... it takes 3 ingredients and 4 minutes to make AB's Peanut Butter Fudge. And it is SURPRISINGLY good for how little effort you need!)... well I'll be damned... I forgot the vanilla extract (yet it was still quite good!).
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Random Ramblings

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  • Now that looks good. I'm going to go pick up some powdered sugar today. And some tomatos and peppers for Bethanie's rice (it looks like it will turn out just fine without meat). So much good food.
    • Yeah. The meat's mostly for texture, I guess, and to balance out the "nutrition" provided by the dish. And keep in mind this is from my dad, for whom it is not a MEAL unless it includes MEAT.

  • Ok, the avalanche one almost got me busted. But, keep reloading the page until you see that one!
    Excellent link, though. :)
  • I've got a better recipe than that for peanut butter fudge. It's REAL fudge and it takes more time & effort, but it's REALLY good.

    Yeah. I specialize in the most fattening stuff you can think of.

    Oh, and FK, I haven't forgotten that I'm going to send you toffee. I just haven't been up to it for the last 6 months or so. And summer is a *horrible* time to try to send it... Maybe Christmas?

    • Yeah... AB said in that episode that it wasn't 'fudge' but 'damn good candy that tastes and aweful lot like fudge'. If you look at the episode he has a chocolate fudge made from scratch with the candy thermometer and all. I plan on trying that, but it'll have to wait until next weekend, most likely.

      And no worries about the toffee... you COULDA made it up by having the kid this past tuesday, therefore giving me the 'win' in the poll... but nooooooo ;-)
      • Oh, believe me, I would like to have made you a winner -- but there's no forcing this baby out. Now I'm working against a deadline from my doc. If I don't have the baby by his date, it's a repeat c-section for me. I *really* want to have the opportunity to have a "normal" (vaginal) birth with this kid -- it's my last chance. So I'm feeling pretty discouraged, frustrated, and upset. But trying not to show it. :-)

        • I was always told that once a woman gives birth via C-Section all subsequent births must also be via C-Section.

          So that's not true?
          • Uuuuuh. No. That [mis]information is a good 30-40 years old. Definitely time to do some more research. Try reading The VBAC Companion, just to get started -- not that it's the best I've read, just the first one that comes to mind.

  • Butter...I'm cool. Peanut butter. Check. vanilla...okay...POWDERED SUGAR! AAARGH!!! A *POUND* of powdered sugar? Wholly fucking crap, no wonder we're all diabetic or something.

    I wonder how it would turn out with honey instead.... :)

    • I don't think it would harden... the sugar takes the liquid pb & butter & vanilla and thickens it to a dough consistency. Don't think you could use honey for that. I don't know of any 'natural' thickeners, either :-(
      • Honey wouldn't harden? You ever put honey in the fridge? :)

        I'd be using less honey, but powdered sugar is probably used because it's, well, powdered and therefore easier to dissolve, instead of granular sugar and having to dissolve those crystals. It's not like powdered sugar has flour-like qualities.

        Does it? No, sugar should just dissolve. Not sure into where, though....

        • Powdered sugar is very finely ground sugar mixed with cornstarch, which, as you may know, is a thickening agent.

          No, my guess is that if you tried this PB Fudge recipe with honey, you'd just end up with goop. Might be tasty goop, but goop nonetheless. Maybe you could experiment and add in some of your nut flour, or just really, really finely chopped nuts? It wouldn't have the creamy texture, but I think it might hold together...

          • I do know cornstarch is a thickening agent. I did not know it was an additive to powdered sugar.

            I might could try it with the nut flour.

            And FK, no starch on my diet means NO STARCH. :)

            • Oh, I thought it was limited to more of a 'neanderthal diet' where you could have anything that is 'natural' like fruits, veggies, meats and fish.... and not have stuff with grains and such in it...

              That's why I thought tubars were alright. My apologies.
              • No, it's cool. I just assume since I linked to the diet that people actually read about it. ;) It's no grains, starches, sugars or milk (lactose). Most cheese is okay, mozzarella is not. Fruits and veggies are okay, potatoes and corn are not. Honey is okay, other refined sugars are not. All meats (natural or minimally processed) are okay. Etc.
        • Actually, I think AB likes to use... arrowroot for thickening? Its a starchy tubar that gives thickening... much like potato starch.

          Mix some of that with honey, and you may be onto something...
          • Honey does crystallize if it's dried enough. Not sure if the grocery store kind does it, but my (ten years deceased) grandfather used to have a couple of hives. When it was bottled, and if it sat, the top would form what is essentially a great honey candy. No, I'm not talking about the comb, BTW.

            I know that when you use natural honey for mead, one of the things you do is warm it some to get it to redisolve. I'm not sure how you would encourage the process.

            BTW, wanna make some money? Sell and develop recip
          • My mom swears by arrowroot.

            It works pretty well.
  • There isn't really a corporate policy that I know of other than having to adhere to the comics code authority []. It has undergone many revisions. Basically, it was a response in the 50's to the horror comics of the time. To show that they were wholesome entertainment for kids, they developed all of these guidelines. Funnily enough, horror comics were becoming less popular anyway, so this wasn't needed to kill them off. The CCA, IIRC, is kinda like the ESRB, an industry run, and voluntary, body.

    There have bee
  • "Egads, a bullet came out of his gun somehow. How did he know my one weakness?"

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