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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Wednesday Production Push 6

Taco said "It compiles alright" so that means PUSH TO PRODUCTION (Anyone with mod points can feel free to untrollify that post)! Who cares about unit or regression or user testing! That's what all the slashdot users are for!

Right now, no one can post to a JE. But you are doing such a great job as a tester!

Update: Apparently, its a db change issue (according to pudge), which leads me to the next question: Why don't you to db change/upgrades during the middle of the night? That's pretty standard. And if your front end code is that tied to the db, then the code is WAAAAY overcoupled, and you need to better follow the MVC design pattern.
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The Wednesday Production Push

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  • Too bad I cant help a brotha out. There are so many times when I always get more mod points than I know what to do with, so naturally it makes sense that I dont have any when I actually want to use them :P
  • Okay, so every Wednesday night there seems to be a planned outage when no messages can be posted. That sucks and there should be a better way to do it, but what indicates that they're putting untested code into production? I didn't see any unexpected behaviour.
    • every wednesday is a production push. Usually is useless, but when they want to add changes, it causes a ruckus. For the past... oh hour or so, comments weren't allowed to be posted, messages were all hacked up, and other stuff.
    • This message [] was unreadable and damn unfindable for a while. Yet, I had a message received notification! Then it MAGICALLY appears. Hours later.

      Whatever. Slashdot is free. therefor, it SUcks.
  • by Sloppy ( 14984 ) *
    Why get upset over this?

    Obviously, these 503s are not desirable behavior, but the consequences are nothing. Yes, it's true: CmdrTaco doesn't have the same reliability standards that you have to have in your job. What happens if you make a mistake and it gets into production? Nasty shit. What happens if Taco does the same thing? No big deal. Ergo, his lower standard is justified. Simple as that.

    Some guy at NASA probably would look at the standards you have to live up to, and be horrified. "That's a

    • And he even pays [*] for this stuff! It's Tacos toy and we're just [those of us that don't pony up] along for the ride. I agree if this was a real job his can should be in the sling. I saw in some other posts you took a little razzing for your site, IMHO Taco and Co just have a really big version of what you and I do. Unless I'm mistaken that your server is just for a close click of friends/fun/personal. Yes it does tick me off when they push a build and it's crap, but I can't complain... I mean have you se

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