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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Web Game, Conclusion I 18

Well, I'm gonna disappoint, but after discussing the sports possibilities with Sqwubbsy, I think its best to start off with a football online game. I have it mapped out in objects, should be 'relatively' easy to do as my first web game, plus it will set everything up so I can learn the tricks of doing somethign like this before I embark on something major.

Oh, and to start another online game, click here. That's galaxis online. Its much more structured than KoC, smaller (I'm ranked above 800 right now), and really doesn't give one person an advantage... basically, you don't have a 'leader' and 'officers' underneigth. If you want to join an alliance, put your base on the same planet (Pirogoeth & I & some other /.ers are on the planet 'fsof.' Click here to join our alliance, and if you already have an account, you can switch to our alliance if you want). You get the same link for the same planet, and you all share the 'tourist revenues'. So if we are all together, we get the same cash. Really encourages teamplay more :-)
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Web Game, Conclusion I

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  • Now you got me attached to something new. Four online games - this should be interesting.
    • When KoC stops beta and starts the 'next version,' I'm out. I like galaxis quite a bit, but I dunno if I'll play once it becomes popular. It seems a lot more promising.
      • Galaxis seems to have a lot of potential. There's certainly a lot more to do than just attacking. There's also an economy where you can buy commodities, then travel to other systems and sell for a profit. There's missions to complete which will earn you $$$. Apparantly you can build manufacturing plants and sell what you build to others.

        A lot of what will be there is still "coming soon", but if they keep adding stuff at a regular pace, I may just stick with this once the KoC beta is over.
        • So - what are the good sales / profit loops - I can't find anything all that profitable - is it just a lot of running around to all the markets? Damnit - where's the faq? Heh - this game's gonna rock - I'm getting impatient - that's a 'good thing' (tm).
          • Kilgore has cheap business supplies, clovis has it as 'high'. That's for 300 a pop.

            Best one I've found (although its a few hops) is niven has jewelery cheap, and delta sells it high. Like 3000 a pop (but you need like 24000 credits to buy the initial batch).

            That's what I've found today.
            • The commodities that systems sell are changed randomly every turn. The best thing to trade in is luxuries. Every commodity only has three prices low, medium, and high. What I do is run around until I find luxuries priced low and then try to find someplace nearby that will buy them at high. Running back and forth is really tedious but it's the best way to make credits.
              • Building an extra cargo pod or two will let you reduce the number of trips that you need to make. The gotcha is that every 10 units of cargo you buy you use one turn. So the starting shuttle with 2 cargo bays can haul 30 units of luxuries (at an initial cost of 72,000 yow...) but you take 1/3 the trips. I've got a single bay, but I'm working towards the shipyard so I can haul a whole heck of a lot.

                But yes, luxuries are the best thing to find, there's a 4,000 credit difference between low and high, better th

        • The best part is no one person benefits in an alliance. Everything is shared, so the bigger the alliance, the more clicks you get, the better off you are.
          • Yes, but the Alliance can only have up to 12 people. Is it possible to boot losers out of the alliance?
          • Haven't looked at it yet, but is there anything I can automate on this one? :)

            • No need. KoC was a game you could get robbed every turn. This game is a much slower pace, and its a lot smaller than KoC. You probably should log in once or twice a day, but not much more than that. If you need cash right away, you can play the game, and go trading/raiding/etc, but its not a game you have to worry every second about spontaneous attacks and stuff. To attack someone, you have to travel to their system, scan them, then attack and hope for the best. Its much more than click, determine how
              • Actually, at first glance, I could easily automate the tourist clicking for the fsof planet. Their imageing of the number is quite simplistic and rather easy to crack. Combined with my little ActiveX form filler, we could easily set a proggie for all the circle to run that goes every 12.5hrs and visits the planet. You'd be rich in a matter of days :)

                • tourist link = credits. Most things require both credits AND materials. Materials can only be gained by mining. So clicking will get me rich with credits, but it will be useless to have a ton of credits without the materials needed to make stuff. Good way to prevent click alliances to get ahead.

                  Actually, a click alliance would do nothing more than make you targets for invasions.
        • This sounds an awful lot like TradeWars 2002. Anyone else here remember playing that?
          • This sounds an awful lot like TradeWars 2002. Anyone else here remember playing that?

            Tradewars is still around. It was sold by Martech and can be found at []. The new owner(s) have developed an internet game server so no BBS is required. I ran across this last year when I was thinking of starting up a telnet BBS. The BBS software sucked, so i never got around to trying the new Tradewars though.


        • I haven't tried raiding yet, but so far, it looks like the way to play to maximize money, is to just look at missions and trading purely in terms of credits per turn.

          Similar games, such as Ambrosia's Escape Velocity, have additional factors: travel itself was risky (it's not safe out there!) so while a distant trade might have better payoff, but was compensated for by risk. That doesn't appear to be the case here: a newbie can fly their shuttle all over the galaxy and nobody ever shoots at him.

          The only

    • Ugh, I'm seconding the damnation of FK. I've only got two webgames going right now, but the addition of this is really going to do me in. This thing takes up a lot of time before you know it.

      On the plus side, my rank just keeps rising. Wonder when I'm going to get myself attacked.

  • " By visiting this planet as a tourist you are helping those on the planet earn income."

    While I'm far too swamped to attempt adding a game as involved as this to my plate, I'd be more than happy to click the tourist link daily and raise cash for your planet. Please let us know if you've stopped playing the game, so I'm not raising money for someone I don't know. ;)

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