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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: Calling all KoC Players! 49

In kingsofchaos, I got the following message from "OverLordStriker":

Can you tell your officer PirogoethX to stop bothering our members please,

And my reply:
Excuse me? Perhaps you can tell me the point of the game? If you don't like getting attacked, don't play. Its as simple as that. I get attacked practically every 3-4 hours. But you don't hear me complaining about it. Plus I don't really control the guy, anyway.

Now, Pirogoeth, give us some links to his members so we can join in the attack fun (especially the newbies). Slashdot KoC... its time to harass and annoy someone to death! And I got almost 2,000 attack turns ;-)

Of course, OverlordStriker's commander is Lord Striker who is sitting pretty at rank #1 and a Hand Of God.... but would he waste attack turns on people annoying his underlings? Hell no! :-D
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KoC: Calling all KoC Players!

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