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  • It's (5, Insightful) now, and it's only been half an hour since you wrote it.
  • I have been trying to think of a new way to do comments for about two weeks now. I didnt really think about it really hard until this past weekend, when I came up with many good ways, but none of them are implementable on the web.... they all work great in theory but you run into many problems. When I say a new way of comments I mean like a new way to show the relationship between commments, and if there should be any at all. I believe there is something better than threaded comments as we know it today, i just cant put my finger on it. I guess I will now have to think about a new mod system as well, but I know on my site I wouldnt like not having the 'ultimate power'.... but I know I would not abuse it. Maybe the problem is not the moderation system, maybe its the moderators.
  • Just recently, I got modded down as overrated, here on slashdot. The post was a couple of weeks old and buried deep in the thread. What really bothered me was the fact that I was never rated up at all. How can anyone call it overrated, when it was never rated up at all? That's stupid. I think someone was just trying to get rid of my karma. It makes slashdot such a waste of time.

    I wish I wasn't so addicted. *sigh*
  • I think it's the best thing yet. K5's scheme doesn't do anything for me.

    I'm working on a Slash-like site (using a 100% brand new codebase, that's why there's no comments yet). You can check it at my site. I'm going to implement a couple of modifications to Slashdot's moderation system.

    First, I will reward good moderators by giving them more mod power. Metamod is ideal for this purpose. Each moderator has a modkarma, which is the net metamoderation over the last 2000 metamods, divided by 20. The sqrt() of this karma is then added or subtracted from their five standard mods (with a minimum number of moderations of 1). Modkarma also is a factor in total karma.

    I also plan to add an automatice moderation: "Provocative". This would be based on the quantity and quality of replies to a comment.

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