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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Burning Karma 11

Yeah, I thought I'd help burn off some of my karma to "persuade" Jamie to put in that page-widening fix.

The post I'm using is below (and putting the link in my sig). Feel free to burn off karma if you're sitting at the cap:

I'm burning Karma for page widening!

Here it is, from Jamie's mouth!

Page widening fix won't be implemented (the fix was *GIVEN* to him!) because "its not a high priority" and "such a low amount of users use IE"!

In the past they said "send in the fix", now its "sorry, not a priority"?!?!

I can think of another company that thinks features are more important than bug fixes...

Remember, folks. In the web business you are supposed to work with all platforms, not be OS bigots....

Addendum: I'm NOT page widening. I wrote the message above into a Score:2 post to get peoples attention to the fix. You see, what I'm mad at is that Jamie needs to take 2 seconds to cut and paste the fix into the code, and, voila, its fixed. But he won't do it. Why not? I have no idea, but its bugging the crap outta me!
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Burning Karma

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  • FortKnox burning Karma, and TrollMan 5000 is actually posting with a bonus!

    The apocalypse is near...
    • Nah, me burning karma isn't unheard of.

      I've been viewed as a troll, because I'm not closed sided on an OS (either MS or Linux). Aparently, I'm a disease or something on /.

      I've been called both a karma whore and a troll. Maybe I'm both?

      Heh, anyway, when I burn karma, I don't go below my bonus, and the next couple days, I'll rehit the cap.
      • This account used to be an obvious crapflooder, especially with early page-widening tactics as pioneered by evil_spork. It has posted at -1 and has seen the nether regions of karma, including the undercap of -25.

        I don't think you're a disease, you're more of an agitator, much like sllort. You expose those little tidbits of Slashdot that drive people nuts. It's interesting reading nonetheless.
      • FortKnox:

        You're cause is worthy, but your actions are not. Jamie has clearly indicated that he (and other /. ed's?) don't give a flying fuck about those of us who read at -1. I'm sure your page widening posts aren't bothering jamie at all. But they are bothering ME, and a lot of other -1 readers who happen to use page-widening-vunerable browsers. Please stop.
        • You misunderstood. I'm NOT writing page widening posts. I wrote a post [] that points to the bugfix. I'm not going to start more page widening, I'm trying to get others attention on the fact that they aren't fixing something they have the fix for (seriously, it bothers the bejezus outta me. If they had to figure out a fix, themselves, sure I'd say forget it. But the fix was *handed* to them. They literally have to just cut and paste it into their code and its fixed. It'll take jamie 5 seconds to fix it, but he won't. THAT'S what bugs me)
          • Sorry. I could've sworn I saw a page widening post by you a few days ago though now I can't seem to find it. And then I saw your "burning karma for page widening" journal entry and misunderstood. In any case, thanks for drawing attention to jamie's hypocrisy, and for not page widening.
            • Actually, I have two clones:
              "FortKnox on" and
              "by FortKnox on"

              They both page widen, and look very similar to me.

              Don't be confused by them. My UID is #169099 not in the 500k range.
  • Dammit FortKnox! You beat me to it! I was just discussing with some guy in a DoD2.0 server how I was probably gonna try and burn some karma today by posting a +2 page widener troll. Maybe I still will anyways. Haha!
  • I can think of another company that thinks features are more important than bug fixes...

    Sure you can! There are lots and lots of companies that don't care, and from every industry and sector!

    and the list goes on...

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