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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football Playoffs 13

OK, I actually picked all the winners of last weeks games correctly, and feel stupid that I didn't post in anywhere as proof.

Anywho, I'll just put it all down now here, and be humiliated when I choose them all wrong...

Indy vs KC Two high powered offenses. Indy has a better D, KC has a better special teams and has home field advantage. Regardless, Peyton is red hot and should get the upset. Colts by 3

Titans vs Pats As much as I'd like to say the Titans will win with a strong running attack in bad weather against a pass-happy team, I can't. The titans have the ability to win, but they may not realize it until after the Pats O starts rolling...NE by 3

Pack vs Eagles I really like the pack this year, and I really think the eagles got hot in the middle of the season but started slowing down towards the end. Without Westbrook, the running game gets a bit slower. And the eagles aren't the best vs the run. I'll call two upsets, just cause... Packers by 1

Carolina vs Rams If Carolina can play like they did last week and use both stephen davis AND deshaun foster, they'd really slow the game down, but it all comes down to D. Carolina has a great D, but I don't think the secondary can handle Torry Holt AND Marshall Faulk at the same time. Best chance Carolina has is turnovers... Lots of them. Rams by 1

Thar ya go. If the Eagles win this week, I say they'll lose next week. Honestly, I see the Superbowl as St Louis vs Indy, and Indy winning the game (best way to stop St Louis is the Cover-2, Tony Dungies specialty).

Go ahead and argue. And don't bother Levi, I think that if the Pats played Indy, Indy would win. Yes, I really do think that ;-P
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Football Playoffs

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  • so I really can't call spreads, only what teams I want to win.

    I think McNair has been severely underrated his entire career because his warrior stamina has only been overshadowed by one Mr Favre. Plus being from OH I love solid OSU guys so Eddie George just deserves another chance... plus I still can't fucking stand that plick Bellichick for all the hell he put Cleveland through. Why did it take him over a decade to learn to delegate? The Browns had some good teams! So Go Titans.

    Peyton has gotten the
  • Their O-line was hot, and the Broncos didn't show. Seriously. If the Chiefs D and running game shows up, look for the Colts to fall, big.

    Indy will not beat anyone else.

    Now, I agree on the Pack and the Pats, and if Carolina's looking for turnovers, they should get them from the Rams. Rams lose. Of course, that's also 9/10ths wishful thinking. :)

    That's where I stands.

  • *staring at TV, enthralled*

    I mean, we've proved that we can do it, what's so wrong with demonstrating that it wasn't a fluke???

  • all the news stations in philly are over-hyping it, as usual. going to bars to find people to discuss the game, asking people to send in pictures of themselves in eagles gear, talking to the players, etc. and then there's this ugly thing [] on the front page of the paper the yesterday (was probably around 4x6 inches).

    they dont seem to realize it's just a conference semi-final, not the super bowl. it happened last year the week leading up to the NFC Championship, the players were clearly into the over-hype,
    • Dude, that guy is RAD. I mean, how much more blue-collar do you get?

      Good for him.

      I love small-city football. In SF, you had no idea there was anything going on until the team made the Championship game. Either team. Unless the Oakland fans beat the crap out of someone at the game. :)

  • other than the Packers game.

    NFC North representin'

    Uh, yeah.

    I always pick with my heart.

    My heart says Pats lose to Titans, Eagles lose to Packers, Titans win Supabowl.

    But that will never happen.

    Peyton still has to prove to me he can win a game. Denver played like shit.

    KC's lack of deal is gonna kill them now.

    Uh, that's it.
  • I don't think the Packers can stand up to the Eagles defensively. Offensively, if you break the Packers line, they look as weak as any other team, so I think the Eagles have the advantage.

    Oh, and I expect St. Louis to blow out the Panthers.

    I definitely believe Indy is hot and will win, and the KC Chiefs have been exposed for what they are: a solid team with special teams that had some great tricks that are now used up. That said, Manning will have a hard time calling audibles with the crowd noise so if t

  • Eagles, Carolina, KC & NE.

    Not that is what I want, but that's what my gut tells me.

  • Indy vs KC
    KC peaked. Sad to say it, but they peaked. Last years KC defense has been showing up of late and that is bad, bad, bad. Mr. Manning seems to be "seeing" things better this year. I think the Colts have a REAL shot at the big show. Colts win.

    Titans vs Pats
    Friend of mine is a HUGE Pats fan. Me? Can't stand them. I think they're highly overrated. Titans: oh yeah. Mr. McNair is AWESOME. Love the guy. Old school, smash mouth, no pain is too great kind of player. Titans are rolling. Patty
  • Please...

    Don't tip my Titans. The last thing we need is everyone jumping on the bandwagon and bogging us down with expectation/a curse/big bad voodoo.

    If you want an AFC team to believe in then go for the Patriots (the obvious pick) or the Colts (the trendy one). That way, the Titans can sneak up on everyone and steal the show. Well, I say "steal the show", I mean "come up one yard short".

    My predictions for this weekend's games:

    Colts over the Chiefs.

    Colts have momentum, Chiefs have fewer aching bones an
  • I heard yesterday that the weather in KC was supposed to be around 40 and dry, so hopefully it won't be much of a factor.

    This game will come down to turnovers and special teams. The Chiefs have the best return man in the game, the Colts the best field goal kicker and one of the best punters (not that there may be many punts).

    I hope the Colts win the coin toss and march down the field like they did against Denver. That seemed to set the tempo for the entire game. Of course with KC's high-powered offense t
  • My team (Steelers) didn't even make the playoffs and I think these are some of the most competitive playoff matchups we have seen in years. The only game that has blow out potential is the Rams at Carolina. But if Carolina can play as solidly as they did last week, it should be a good game.

    However, last week I predicted the lone blow out would be the Packers over Seattle. I was obviously wrong. I did however pick the right teams.

    Speaking of Seattle, that was the most impressive team to me last week.

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