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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Have a Holly Hanumadan Kwanzmas! 7

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Was at my family for the weekend beforehand, and wife's family was at our house for the week.

I didn't kill any relatives (wife's side... long story).

I sold my Jeep today (was trying to sell it since I got the minivan). Bad news, though, is that the minivan "Check Engine" light came on. Hopefully there's enough 'jeep money' after the minivan repairs to upgrade my computer (even if there isn't, I got plenty of 'got undercut on my second job' money to upgrade my computer).

For you firsttime fathers (glh, dayton, etc...) next Christmas, a must would be batteries (I think I hit 20-AA batteries installed during 'Christmas at my house').

Anywho, its been exciting, fun, frustrating, but mostly relaxing holiday in my household. Hope everything is going good for you folks.
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Have a Holly Hanumadan Kwanzmas!

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  • Home Despot special (Score:3, Informative)

    by webwench_72 ( 541358 ) <{webwench_72} {at} {}> on Friday December 26, 2003 @11:24PM (#7815705) Homepage
    Home Despot has a special, at least in my area: 24 AA batteries for $10 -- a good deal if you ask me!
  • Never trusted them, but they always seem to have some jumbo packs of batteries available for cheap. Usually something like 24+ AAs available for $5 or $10.
  • Check engine light (Score:4, Informative)

    by Degrees ( 220395 ) <> on Saturday December 27, 2003 @12:57AM (#7815993) Homepage Journal
    The check engine light just lit up in my wife's car. The dealer didn't even try any diagnostics - he just opened the gasoline door and tightened the cap. That it turned a bit before it started clicking was the problem. Must happen a lot.

    Without the click, the tank isn't sealed. Without the seal, suction doesn't build up. Without suction, but a dropping liquid level, the computer is programmed to light up an alarm, as the tank must be punctured (or something).

    Who knew? I didn't - but then I always fully tighten the cap because the manual told me to do so.... ;-)

  • minivan (Score:5, Informative)

    by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) on Saturday December 27, 2003 @04:25AM (#7816455) Journal
    If it's a Dodge Caravan, the 'check engine' light goes off every 3000 miles and stays on until you have the oil changed. The mechanic is supposed to reset the switch so it doesn't go off again for another 3000. It's just a cheesy way to scare people who don't know into blowing more money on tune-ups.

    • I hate idiot lights.

      I really wish "check engine" lights were actual alphanumeric displays that told you WHY the computer thought there was a problem. "greater than x miles since last oil change" is a much different situation than "low oil pressure".
  • We got lucky at my house for Christmas this year. The boys only had a couple of things that used batteries, 6 AA and 1 9v if I recall correctly. I still picked up a 16 pack of AA for only about $10 though.

    Of course the digital camera the wife and I got for Christmas uses batteries like crazy! Good thing we also invested in a Maha 3-hour charger and 4 sets of NiMH batteries.
  • by glh ( 14273 ) on Saturday December 27, 2003 @11:16AM (#7817144) Homepage Journal
    I was amazed that we only went through about 12 AA batteries. We didn't go hog-wild this year on gifts for Kaitlyn (although many people got her stuff). I got her this cool music "cube maestro" thing from the Discovery Center store. It plays a bunch of different classical music and you can pick which instruments you want. I think it is her favorite gift so far!

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