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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Where's the journal entries? 8

Miss seeing journal entries here? That's because I've been posting most of them at
What about those of you with your own journal entries? Submit them over at my website to be posted as original content!
Rejected Stories? Hey, it may not be important to Taco&co., but we don't make those judgements on my site.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but the readership is up, but the commenting/submissions aren't. I really could use a little help from you guys.
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Where's the journal entries?

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  • First, is a bit slow. Sorry, but I got used to my cable modem. I know there's not much you can do about it. And since it is gratis, I'm not asking. I'm just offering up an observation.

    Second, most of my journals are so much rambling mish-mash, that I don't even get many replies HERE:)

    Third, I really like the messaging system. If I log on to /., I can see right away if there is any more activity in the discussions I'm in. Makes life much easier.

    • Third, I really like the messaging system.

      Yeah, that's one thing I wish I had time to implement. It really helps out here.

      As far as the speed, I know. I need to either get a better processor, or host elsewhere on a better connection...
      It really isn't that bad, but I know where you are coming from.
  • Where we don't mind the occasional shameless plug. ;)
  • I'd like to see it as a Slashbox. I have a hard time keeping up with sites other than Slashdot so I have a ton of Slashboxes.

    I'd put it high up on the page, too.

    Or, how about this: Modify your story-posting code to also add an entry in your Slashdot journal with a link to the story. That way I'd definitely read it every day. PHP can easily do this, too.
    • Good idea. I'll do that too with my journals, which are now (shameless plug) on
    • I'd like to see it as a Slashbox. I have a hard time keeping up with sites other than Slashdot so I have a ton of Slashboxes.

      Ditto, here. I emailed cowboyneal to see if he'll make one for me (I already have an RSS page, so he just needs to link to it).

      I'll make another entry if he grants me the slashbox.

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