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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Importance and Priorities 28

Here's a semi poll:

Right now... at this moment. What is of importance to you. Where are your priorities?
Go ahead. Jot some stuff down in your head.

Now listen to this story.

About two weeks ago, while my wife was away for the weekend, she started having pains in her stomach. Her sister (who was with her at the time) had a gall bladder problem about the same length of time since her first born as my wife is from giving birth to Joey. So when she came back home, she got an appointment from the doctor and was sent in for an ultrasound to check the gall bladder.
The results came back. Her gall bladder was fine. But there was 'something' on her spleen. The doctor said it could simply be a 'second spleen' but he wants her to have a CAT scan to 'rule out other things' (without explaining what 'other things' entail). The prescription for the CAT scan said to check a 'growth on the LUQ (Left upper Quardrant) of the spleen.'
Last Saturday was the CAT scan day. The tech (making small talk) asked what causes her to have a CAT scan and the story was told. The tech said "Second spleen? Never heard of such a thing, but I'll tell you if I see more than one." After the scan... "Sorry to disappoint, but there is only one spleen there". Of course, the tech already said enough against hospital policy, so she wouldn't divulge any other details.
Now, I swore off checking the net for medical reasons (see an old JE of mine about Joey's first immunization). But the curiosity got too much of me. I went ahead and researched what all it could be. I narrowed it down to: cyst, abcess, hematoma, or a tumor. If malignant, either Hodgekin's Disease, or Non-Hodgekin's Lymphoma (both are VERY nasty cancers).

This is when I got really freaked out. I was terrified. I was dependant on my (25 year old) wife, and there is no way I could raise Joey without her.

I consulted friends and family (including SolemnDragon and TL... thanks guys).
This morning I got the news. The CAT scan showed...

Nothing.... there wasn't anything on the spleen. Everything was normal. My guess? A cyst that burst. The pain is gone and everything looks good.

So I've had a hell of a good day.

But I ask you again...
Right now... at this moment. What is of importance to you. Where are your priorities? Did they change?

I'm going to go take my wife out for dinner.... I suggest those of you with wives do the same ;-)
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Importance and Priorities

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  • i'm so glad!!!!

    my favourite thing in the world is when people who have to ask the questions that you did turn out NOT to need the answers!!!!Don't just take her to dinner, take her dancing. Save the memory of this, though, in case your kid or your neighbour ever has to turn to you and say, "hey..."

    sol (celebrating your good news)

  • My sister-in-law had some pain in her stomach before her sister's wedding this summer. Found something on an ovary, and were going to look at it again, but she felt better the next day. Cyst on the ovary, which apparently happens when you're pregnant, but they weren't pregnant.

    Um, yes they were. :) So, they went from kind of panic mode to full-on celebration mode.

    Again, good for y'all. I try to celebrate my priorities every day. That's why they're my priorities. :)

  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    My wife has a long string of RSI and degenerative problems that I tend to grow weary of and brush off (I know, it's awful of me, but it's human nature and anyway the truth is she is a hypochondriac on top of her genuine medical issues).

    And then one day one of her x-rays (taken after I accidentally hit her with my chair) turned up some sort of bone growth. Turned out to be just another random little thing but it scared the wits out of me. It's a little late to go out for dinner tonight but maybe I'll join he

  • We just have to settle for taking other peoples wives out to dinner, right? hehehe just kidding.

  • by glh ( 14273 )
    I'm glad it turned out to be nothing. You know, things have been REALLY strange lately. It seems like a lot of odd stuff like that happens around the holidays too. Will keep you guys in my prayers!
  • That's how much I love my wife. Hey, she asked for seconds, which is a rarity. Must have done something right.

    FWIW, lay people really need to put the smack down on medical people. Make 'em tell you and show you. Charts are incomprehensible and rarely written at the time of care.

    Glad it all worked out.
  • If doctors would just be upfront about what they're doing. If they would tell you what they are looking for and what is most likely there... but then I suppose you'd be mad if they were wrong. Bah. Can't win. Well, I suppose you can. Glad everything turned out well for you.
    • If doctors would just be upfront about what they're doing. If they would tell you what they are looking for and what is most likely there... but then I suppose you'd be mad if they were wrong.

      Yep; the minute a doctor tells a patient "hm, this lump looks nasty - probably benign, but it might be cancer", the patient latches onto the C-word and takes an overdose. One huge lawsuit later, the policy gets changed back...

  • Last week I was in the hospital with my mom while my dad got sextuple bypass surgery.
    Not a lot since then has been quite as important. We go see him tomorrow.
    He's doing well, thank you very much. He must be okay, he's pissing my mom off. ;-)
  • When I was 7 I got hit by a car, they said i was going to die, they gave me last rites. When it was painfully obvious that despite their best prognosis I continued to live they told me I'd never walk again. The doctor who told me that came to my All State Football game.

    My wife was told a few months ago that she was having a tubular pregnancy or triplets. At the high risk obstetrician the doctor asked us why we were there when we clearly had a perfectly healthy baby coming along...

    Glad it's all good!
  • I am very glad to hear that it was nothing serious.

    I'm going to go take my wife out for dinner.... I suggest those of you with wives do the same ;-)

    Does it have to be my wife that I take out to dinner, or can I take someone else's? ;-)
  • First of all, FK, I'm a nurse and I see not one single e-mail from you about this problem.

    The theory about the cyst is what they call a "presumptive diagnosis."

    This is the problem with diagnostic imaging. We often don't understand what we see. Don't let 'em fool ya, that's as true with a regular chest x-ray as it is with a super high tech 3D open MRI. If I could understand everything I hear when I put a stethoscope on someone's chest I'd be some sort of super healer. It's all guesswork, what distingus
    • First of all, FK, I'm a nurse and I see not one single e-mail from you about this problem

      Ack, I wish I knew that two weeks ago, and you'd be bludgeoned with emails. :-)

      Thanks for the insight and I'll be sure to give ya a buzz if something like this pops up again :-)
  • I had a hyperplastic lymph node back in 1979; it just swelled up in my neck. Very scary; they kind of rushed the surgery, but it turned out to be benign. My mother has a slow-growing non-Hodgkins lymphoma, diagnosed six or seven years ago. They keep an eye on it, but it's apparently stopped growing, as she still does not need treatment for it.

    Anyway, sometimes we get reminders about what's really important in the world.
  • When you asked what my priorities were in the beginning, all I could think of was my girlfriend's* well being. I read the whole JE, and at the end, still the same answer. I, too, get really scared whenever she has some physical problem, is out driving in bad weather, etc. I couldn't imagine what it'd be like if anything happened to her.

    * She's only my girlfriend because I haven't saved up enough to buy the ring yet :)

  • Nice to read a real life story with a happy ending.

    Back in June, I had severe pains in my left arm. I thought it was a heart attack. I changed eating habits and started exercising.

    Found out last month that the problem is 2 herniated disc (C4,C5).

    Since June, I've lost 30 pounds! On a whim, I ran a 5K Sunday night though at Wickham Park Chistmas Lite Fest. Pesonal Best of 29:11!

    Life is good. Enjoy it.

  • It's bad enough that you are always writing about the joys of all things this!

    (MrsVR reads your journal - you are are not making my life any easier).

    One Sunday a few months ago, I was getting ready for fencing practice. Right before I left (around 10AM) my wife, still half-asleep, mumbles that her "tummy hurts." Well, she has never, ever been a morning person and often complains of being nauseated in the morning, so naturally I didn't think much of it. I suggested she take some peptol bismol
    • First of all, I only write about the 'happy' stuff (I keep the fights and major complaints away from my journal). I drove her to the hospital when the doctor ordered a CAT scan. The ultrasound she did herself. I think she is kinda a hypercondriac, so I kinda blew off the 'stomach pains' as her having a tummy ache.
      A gall bladder problem wouldn't be that bad either. Its a common surgery and you can live pretty normal without a gall bladder (I think you can't have really greasy foods without a gall bladde
      • I only write about the 'happy' stuff (I keep the fights and major complaints away from my journal).

        i just wanted to say that i think that is commendable. there are some people around my office that just complain about their spouses all of the time. just about everyone will share something unpleasant once in a while. that's not what bothers me. it's people who constantly cast their spouses in a negative light. i don't feel sorry for them because 1) they chose to marry that person and 2) whining about
      • I'd suggest waiting until the marriage flows pretty well and you don't have any more 'major fights' which cause either (or both) of you to say anything you'll regret later.

        You mean those fights stop? I've never heard this...

        My grandparents were having knock-down, drag-out, plates-flying-across-the-kitchen fights well into their 70s - and they were married over 50 years!
  • Not dying.

    Sounds a little easier than it is. I've been declared dead in the hospital twice. 2 weeks ago I spent 2 days in the hospital (full blown pneumonia. Blood oxygen saturation level was ~35%, 103 temp, 104 resting pulse, lost 12 pounds is 20 hrs, 90/45 blood pressure).

    Scratched my cornea (again) the week before that. So for all my joking about national Talk Like a Pirate day, I had to wear an eye patch for 5 days. Karma fscked yet again.

    3 weeks before that, broke my nose when I took a slapshot
  • I don't walk around with the "This or that can't happen to me or someone I love" mentality that it seems many people have. I always worry (In a general sense, it doesn't consume my life) that something could happen to my wife or kids.

    I think it has something to do with not putting my faith in a god. I think people get a false sense of security when they believe in God and are shocked when (something happens) that makes them realize that God doesn't really protect them or their loved ones from injury, disea
  • A funny thing happened 22 years ago, doctors told my mom to pray for Hodgkin's Disease. You see we already knew that my Dad had cancer, and as such the doctors were telling us to pray for the one cancer they knew they could treat.

    Not cure.

    You can't cure cancer.

    Treat. Chemo. Radiation. More Chemo. Nasty shit all around.

    Of course, it's completely different today. And in part because of my Dad.

    I am so happy that your wife is ok and that you and yours don't have to fight cancer.

    Have a great Turkey D
  • i am glad that you could follow a potentially heart braking story up with good news. i took my wife to dinner last night. tonight we're going to stay with my folks for a couple days. i don't think my priorities have really changed, but it did remind me not to take things for granted, especially things i consider priorities.

    happy thanksgiving, josh.

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