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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A Plea to CmdrTaco... 9

OK, I applaud you on somehow stopping CmderTaco's original page lengthening posts, and getting him to stop posting all-together.
But now a new menace has arrived, a new type of page lengthening post. Please fix this problem ASAP, and admit that you aren't the free/no delete comment type website, and just delete the comments. It isn't humorous or anything, its just there to piss people off. Even those of us that like to read at -1 can't stand this type of stuff.

Sure, the turd report isn't on topic, but its funny, and we don't mind looking at -1 to see it, but page lengthening? Not even trolls like this crap.

Delete the page lengthens, and fix the problem! PLEASE!

Addendum: I meant page widening posts. Thanks spookcomix...
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A Plea to CmdrTaco...

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  • You're actually complaining about page-widening, not page-lengthening. Lengthening is a pain in the ass, but at least it doesn't ruin all the other articles on the page.

    Other than that, I'm with you 100%.


  • Ok, I don't like those posts either, but I see deleting user posts as both as hassel for the admins (wouldn't this new action encourage evil-trolls just to be more annoying for those who do the delete work?) and when you start having a policy of deleting things left and right don't you think someone will take a stand against your beloved Turd Reports and get them deleted?

    I have a proposal that might make things acceptable for you. I suggest we create more moderation options including things like disrupitive (page lengthinging), language (use of swear words), etc... Then, you could give trolls and offtopics a +1 boost from your user setup, but let the distruptive things remain at -1 and you can surf at 0:5. That'll help, but it's not an end-all. The next thing I think we need is the ability to click a little button on ANY post (AC, friend, foe, admin, anyone!) so that I never see it again. What that means is there would exist a behind-the-scenes -2 that comments can never be moderated to, but as in the zoo system users can have things pushed to a low level. Kind of like a personal delete, but the comment never is physically removed.

    Now, I see a problem with this personal delete in how will the server store and remember what it is that I so very much hate. A malicious user you just sit there and "delete" every post just so that they take up more and more space - and if there's an easily reachable limit then more and more disruptive comments will force us all to reach the cap. So, I'm thinking how about unlimmited but any "deletes" only last one or two weeks (kinda like the /. messaging system goes for a month).

    I don't know - just my $0.02, but I see an actual delete as a very slippery slope. Will it have an initial cleaning up around here: sure, but will it continue to serve you (who likes Turd Reports) and serve your neighbor (who opposes these reports as much as you the page lengthing)?
  • I don't read at -1, so could you post a link to an example of the new PLP?
  • I was wondering what that crap was! I thought Taco's Perl was screwed up.

    Man, it wouldn't be that tough to fix. If Taco put every comment in its own <SPAN>, that should take care of it...

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