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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Installing Linux on a Toaster? 15

Well, we all joke about install linux in a toilet, fridge, or toaster, but now someone has successfully put a computer inside a 4-slice toaster. It can't toast anymore, but I'm sure they'll try to add that feature in version 2...
The page has instructions on every step in the project, with pictures included. It doesn't have linux on it (it is running win98).
What's most impressive is that this is his first project.

Submitted. Will be deleted if it gets approved.

Update: Rejected. I honestly thought this was a shoe-in. Maybe someone else already submitted it this morning?
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Installing Linux on a Toaster?

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  • ...glad I got to it before it was slashdotted. :)
  • Thanks for the post, who needs a subscription now?
  • by Surak ( 18578 ) *
    Anybody else remember the term 'beige toaster' being applied to Macintoshes? Something tells me he should've used a G4 motherboard. ;)
  • I can't believe how they abused this poor toaster! They took a perfectly good shiny toaster, killed it, removed its intestines and turned it into a zombie.

    Btw: Why doesn't slashdot use UTF-8 by default anymore? It makes my sig look like crap now!
  • I guess this was one step away from the Apple in the Oven, just in the other direction...

    Personally, i think that's a great place to hide your computer, but best to make sure everyone else knows that it isn't a toaster, too. For example, my toaster frequently gets unplugged by people who find they want more space...

    I wonder if a house with a server in the dryer, a computer in the toaster, or a server in a fly would be more like what the future's REALLY going to look like. I mean, c'mon, they can make

  • Rejected. I honestly thought this was a shoe-in. Maybe someone else already submitted it this morning?
    Maybe you need to get out more? :-J

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