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Lord of the Rings

Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Two Towers DVD Release Dates 6

Mark these dates on your Calendar: 8/28/03 & 11/18/03
These are the (US) DVD release dates for The Two Towers. Like Fellowship, the first date is the release of the DVD, and the November date is the release of the special edition (with rumored extra 48 minutes of footage).
Another good link is provided by and has some more info about the actual footage.

FYI - if this gets accepted (even if it doesn't, I'm sure it'll get through in a day or so), I'll delete the JE, so just consider it a chance to checkout the sites before slashdotting.
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The Two Towers DVD Release Dates

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  • Correction: (Score:2, Informative)

    The platinum edition will have 35 minutes of new/extended scenes.

    The features on the standard edition sound pretty lame.
    look here []

    August 26 & November 18! WhooHooo!!
    • What would you know? You're an Ent, and Ents move slow, you probably just haven't gotten to the part about the standard edition's good features!

      J.K. Thanks for the linkage (And thanks FK as well)

      By the way, what's up with an Ent getting first post (I know it's a journal, but still, AN ENT!!! Come ON. It took you guys, like, forever to decide to help the hobbits and save yourselves...). Are you overclocked or something?
  • August would be 8/28...
  • Why not (Score:3, Funny)

    by Safety Cap ( 253500 ) on Wednesday April 23, 2003 @08:42PM (#5795561) Homepage Journal
    I'm going to wait for the whole thing to come out next year, when they release
    including All New Bonus Footage -- NEVER before SEEN ANYWHERE,
    collected TOGETHER for the first time EVER
    -- OVER 24 hours of PULSATING, nonstop action,
    comes with a COLLECTABLE pewter figure NOT AVAILABLE in STORES
  • I just made a comic about this. You can check it out here []. Cheers =)

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