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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Multiplayer Games 23

As some may know, today is worthless work-wise for me.
So, lets get talking!
Xerithane is getting the whole "Clan Nerdfarm" thing going, and its about time I went out and got a new multiplayer game. So what do you all play?
I want something inexpensive (that I can talk my wife into, so $30 tops), and nothing with a monthly charge (read: No Everquest).
So do you guys play AoE2 or WC3 or some FPS? Hit me up with some titles, and I'll even play you while I'm rusty and you can kick my rear.
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Multiplayer Games

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  • I can't get enough of it... just picked up the expansion.. Road to Rome. wee.
    • I can't get enough of it... just picked up the expansion.. Road to Rome. wee.

      Screw R2R, It's all about Desert Combat! Right now it's free, 0.25a -- I was playing it last night. It kicks some major ass!
  • UT is my addiction. Played online it is a blast, and there is no need to worry about collecting money or anything. Just frag away!

    Actually I mostly play the old version of UT because UT2K3 doesn't include the old 'Assault' mode. Assault is great because it is team-based and requires both tactics and strategy. (Basically there are objectives that, usually, must be completed in a certain order. One team defends and the other attacks, then you switch.) The head part, combined with the regular FPS twitch, make
    • Already have UT (was a big Infiltration [] Junkie)
      Just gimmie your UT handle, and what server's your usually on (and when you normally play) and I'll pop in.
      • My UT handle is 'BlackJack' and I usually hang on 'Big Ass Maps' (a DAMIT server). Only I won't be on for a few days to a week (until I get a new apartment and broadband for it here in Grand Rapids). Still I would recommend going there now so you can practice up before playing me. I am not the best player there by any means, but I am in the top third. (BTW: I am not a DAMIT clan member, it is invite only and they haven't asked.)

        Also there is another BAM server for an associated clan which is often pretty e
      • My Net connection is now up. I will be online tonight, and most nights, on Big Ass Maps. If you do log on I will take the time to show you around.
        • I tried logging in yesterday (loaded up all the maps and packs from the site you gave me), but it was full for like 2 whole hours.

          I'll try and get in early tonight.
          • Heh, I was on from about 8:00 to midnight Eastern time. I won't be on until later tonight tho.

            Try joining as a spectator. That way you get to watch others play (and learn the maps & tactics that way) and also you know immediately when someone drops out so you can switch to play mode (exit, turn off spectator, rejoin). Also spectators can still chat and taunt...
  • BF1942 is my current addiction. Of course for the moment I'm relegated to just LAN parties because I don't have a broadband connection....
  • I vote for Quake I (Score:2, Interesting)

    by freaq ( 466117 )
    Kinda like ASCII -- lowest common denominator. It takes 'not much' in the hardware department to play, it's become open source, and there's still quite a few dedicated servers up and running for deathmatch. (The server named 'AxesForAll' tickles my funnybone, but hey - look at my nickname.) And if you can't find them, you can turn your own machine into a server SO easily. Plus, the single player game is well designed. I still occasionallly jump out of my seat screaming while playing.
  • .... try America's Army []. It's free and a lot of fun if you can put up with the bugginess.

  • I'll second the vote for America's Army. It's free to get, and free to play.

    Everyone here is speaking highly of BF1942, so I may get it at some point. Problem is I can't play during the day. Too much glare on the monitor. But it works for browsing. (Was outside earlier. Nice weather.)
    • BF 1942 is cool. It takes a little time to figure out how it all works. It's one of those FPSs that require you to at least open the instruction manual. It's still not as bad a tribes that way though.

      I never get tired of blowing up the tanks. :-)
  • I know it's not RTS or a FPS or bleeding edge or anything, but I'd have to go with Tetrinet [] (Now at version 2), because it's free, easy to setup, runs on any lame windows box, and you can play for just 5 minutes if that's all you want, or for hours and hours (like I used to, the timewaster that I am). If you haven't heard of it before, it's multiplayer tetris (with team support) that also has attacks and bonus you can earn. It's really easy to learn, and more addictive than Tetris...
  • I play tons of AOEII, and Galactic Battlefields (the starwars version). But that's because I don't have 3d on the laptop.

    When my main system is running, I expect to be playing some BF1942.

  • TFC!! It's free :-D
    Erm, well, assuming you have a copy of Half-Life lying around...

    Yeah, it's old, but it's still the most fun I've ever had with multiplayer gaming. And I don't even like FPS games, as a general rule.
    • You should try the original QuakeWorld/Team Fortress. It just feels so much better. TFSoft really sold out with TFC; Most of the changes were just to sell copys to llamas.
      Quick comparison:

      tf: Fair class, too heavy for offense, cant move while shooting the assault cannon, assault cannon takes a few cells each time it spins up so if you spin it up too many times you cant use it (or if you're stripped of cells by something)

      tfc: Impossible to kill, can stop and spray the ac whenever he wants, can get th
      • I have played the original Quake Team Fortress and I hated it. But then I had already been playing the HL mod for a long time by then.

        tf: Fair class, too heavy for offense, cant move while shooting the assault cannon, assault cannon takes a few cells each time it spins up so if you spin it up too many times you cant use it (or if you're stripped of cells by something)

        tfc: Impossible to kill, can stop and spray the ac whenever he wants, can get the flag and come back without taking much of a beati
        • "Uh, no. The TFC's HWG's AC needs a second to spin up, and when its going he can barely move. It's quite trivial to kill a HWG if you know how to do it (pyro is great for this, sniper can be good too, demo with traps and mirvs can splat him easily). If you can't kill a "n00bi3 hw-g4y" ;-) you shouldn't be playing TFC :-)"

          Bunnyhopping nullifys that. My personal favorite anti-hwgay tactic is becoming a spy and knifing them in the back (still a one hit kill). Or for even more fun, prime an EMP and hug the fat
          • Bunnyhopping nullifys that.

            Bunnyhopping was definately a game killer. TFC is really a game to play with friends on a LAN, so you can all agree to just not use such lameness.

            The way we used to play: we normally had 5-6 players so we would set up one team to just play offense and the other to just play defense. Play for 20 minutes, then switch it around and compare the scores from each teams turn as offense. It was a real blast to play that way.
            • Thats true with any game though. I've just about given up on public servers in general no matter what the game.
              Bunnyhopping was lame, but its fun to do in servers that allow it (specificly counterstrike with AXN plugin re-enabling bhop). It's nice when everyone agrees to it, but it does make it harder to play normal.

              MegaTF(a qw/tf mod) had a really bad bunnyhop bug with hwugys.. MegaTF has a 20mm cannon for hwguys that does a lot of damage and kind of pushes them back, so people would use that to start an
  • i play wc3 and ut2k3 for most of my gaming. i also have the following games that i play occasionally.

    tony hawk pro skater 3
    ricochet (c-s mod)
    return to castle wolfenstein

    in linux i like to play blockout, chromium, and armagetron. i remember seeing that armagetron has network play, but i don't remember if it is just LAN or what. that's probably my favorite game in linux right now. 3D light cycles.

    on a side note, this looks to be a good year for new games. warcraft iii the frozen

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