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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FK, Game Developer! 18

Retro Studios. Sound familiar? They are the developers of "Metroid:Prime".
Guess what? Looks like I scored the jackpot!
I finally get to live out my dreams as a game developer (kinda). And it came with a tiny price.

First of all, they brought me on as an animator until I get "unrusty" with C++ and can learn their engine to write gamecube games.

The pay is so small, that I won't be able to move there and support my family (nor will I have time to really be with my family), so my wife, being the loving-caring wife that she is, sat down with me and discussed the situation. She realized what my dream truely was, and we came to a difficult decision. She'd live with her parents, here in Cincinnati, and I'd move out to live out my dreams. I will be working most days, even every sunday, so my life will be immersed in games and nothing else. Eventually, when I move up in the gaming industry in a few years, she'll move down and we'll be a family again.

It'll be tough not to be around Joey and my wife all the time, but I bought her a small computer with a webcam so we can talk late at night when I have free time.

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FK, Game Developer!

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  • ...this is my United States of whatever...
  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Pretty good. But not quite believable (ok, a little more so than mine []) .. We all know you're a family man!

    I still want to check out Metroid ... I remember playing the first one on original Nintendo for hours and hours at a time.
    • ... I remember playing the first one on original Nintendo for hours and hours at a time.

      If you were a hardcore original Metroid fan, than the new one will blow you away more than newbie metroid fans. Why? Because the old music is hidden in the new music (which will freak you out... "why does that background music sound so familiar?!?").
      You should definately check it out.
  • Was this one more to your liking?

    See, it wasn't to me since although it is on his theme it did not incorporate historical elements.
  • If it's April 1st, good job. Had me going until I read comments.

    If it's sincere... Congratulations.

    But I must say that I think it's the former, as I really, REALLY don't see you leaving wife and kid for any length of time.
    • Yeah, Liora nailed me right away, so it was down the crapper from the start.

      I'd never leave my family (I just wanted something that seemed realistic, not some lame crap like "BSDs Merging" that's blatantly obvious).
      • not some lame crap like "BSDs Merging" that's blatantly obvious

        No way, dude, that was on /. this morning!
        BTW, halfway through, you could really start to smell it. At least I could (although the comments nailed it.)
        Somewhere around 'truely'.
  • ...because you actually had me all the way through, until I was just about to click on the link to see the replies.

    I was thinking, what kind of a family are you all? :^)

    This was, by far, the best April Fools joke that I've seen.
  • ...and did you hear about the new 'evil bit' yet?

  • is that any one can be an animator. being an animator is a great entry level position for people who want to program. if i weren't at work, i'd laugh. but as it is i don't want to draw attention to myself.

    my least favorite part is that it's fake and you can't help get me in the door. oh well.
  • The not so funny thing is that my Dad is thinking of doing this exact same thing: leaving for the west coast for five years to make good money. My Mom isn't to happy. In her words: "basically for five years I'd be a widow."

    Interesting how things stop being a joke when your 60, got a doctorate, and no real work has been thrown your way in over a decade.

    *shrugs* It's a cold world.
  • Can I have your old Java developer job? :)
  • See, I read this April 3, and I didn't check the time.

    I felt really bad for your wife and kids :)
  • Congratulations!

    Games are cool. In a way, they showed my young self things to think about. I always wondered about OOP and 3D-ish designs since as far back as Mario Bros and Zelda (ok, Link came in 3/4 view... whatever)

    Now I am learning Maya and thinking of a graphic programming job. But I am young so I don't care much what I'll be programming in my first coding job. I'm glad you're already there.

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