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Journal FortKnox's Journal: #6 13

Well, Ekrout did the dirtywork of seeing how had the most fans. Looks like I rank #6, one place higher than Hemos. Wow.
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  • Ekrout has given the friends list a bad name by turning it into his own little competition. Did you read his journal rant (since deleted) stating that anyone who took /. seriously had mental problems? Nice of him to do the counting, and cool for you to have so many fans, but I think you would suffer from any association with him.
  • The only 'real' things measurable in slashdot terms are:
    1.) How well your server can stand the /. effect.
    2.) How long it takes you to realize the differences between AC flaming, Karma whoring and intelligent conversation.
    Oh, and occasionally there's a good story posted.
    Other than that, don't get too wrapped up in the crap.
    I've got some other stuff about the editors, but I don't need a bitchslapping before the holidays.
  • most of your fans write comments and have journals! Can't say the same thing for ekrout. He might as well have created these "fans" himself. Actually he probably did.
  • Hmm. I've now seen two journal entries about ekrout today. Never noticed him before.

    See this journal entry [] by Twirlip of the Mists. First time I've seen an un-befriending campaign on /.

  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Hey, you're a Slashdot celebrity!! Maybe you should try to ask Rob for a "leadership position" now :)

    On another note, I think an interesting statistic would be "how many slashdot users are active", and even better would be "who" are those users. I've always wondered because there are SO many UID's out there (+ 600,000) but I can't imagine there are more than 1000 or so active users. In my definition, active would be defined as writing in a journal or posting on slashdot at least once a week. This would give a real sense of who the core slashdot community is.
    • Even if I personally don't think the community would be as nice as that in the deceased site (???? - 2000) it would be nice to have some features.

      Those features would take attention from the real purpose of slashdot, as they did in WhQuestion, but it was the nicest community that I have seen online, and I remember going through profiles, looking at questions that people had answered and clicking on links to see other people in those threads. We can do that here, but it still feels like slashdot is empty in that sense, and the friends / enemies thing is a double-edged swords. I think the enemies lists on slashdot should be made private, to avoid flames and random unnecessary talk.


      The top posters (in [karma] AND number of posts) were displayed on the frontpage.

      After a certain number of posts, there were certain things you could do with your avatar, like add an icon (created by yourself, but creativity was high at WhQuestion's threads, just like it is here)

      I know that these two features take away from the slashdot feel, and are impossible to implement. We have too many users and a "best" list would enrage many people. Also, the karma system maxes out, which means that post number is the only measure of true prowess we have, as innacurate as it may be. Perhaps we can measure by using both.

      I also used KnowPost for questions, but the atmosphere was too different. Sometimes I have a question, for example, but I cannot post it for slashdot members to help me. My journal receives few replies, and I know that this is the best place for getting linux help *cough*second_thoughts!*cough* so I still post questions. Anyway, I am getting offtopic. Just a few thoughts.

      Someone else may elaborate on what I'm saying.
  • He's a fan troll. It's completely obvious in everything he says that he's just trying to say something to get more fans. That's one reason why I changed him from my friend to my foe. Egh.

    By the way, I was also wondering if you viewed the comments at the level of 1. I don't have the benefit of starting at 2, and you seem to not reply to many level 1 comments.

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