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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Quickies 9

They cancelled Firefly. I am pretty ticked off at that (but as long as John Doe and Andy Richter stay on, I'll survive).

Put money in those salvation army kettles when you see them! Only if its a penny. Just toss something in it. If you are feeling especially nice, volunteer to stand at a kettle for a few hours.

And, finally, I gotta wait till Friday to see the two towers, so I probably won't be apart of review discussions (nor will I read them) until friday night.
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  • Boy this really burns me.
    Firefly was slowly developing into a decent show and it seems like their 'universe' wasn't even that developed yet. Lots of room for meaningful growth without getting bogged down.
    I might actually send a post-card or two.
    • Firefly makes Enterprise look like the derivative, mealy-mouthed waste of time that it is. I hope UPN picks it up, a rumored possibility.

      I disagree with John Doe. I haven't watched more than a couple minutes of it, but in it the protagonist did nothing so much as remind me of the mailman from Cheers. The writers have to prove how smart he is, and they're dumb enough to equate knowing trivia with intelligence, so he sounds like those losers who always used to win at NTN at BW3's in my college days. You sound like a socially challenged asshole when you spout out unprovoked irrelevant, obscure facts about the topic of conversation. Very annoying.

      • I've only recently started watching Andy Richter, but man is that good stuff.

        If I choose to watch it regularly it'll be the only sitcom on my list. That makes me wonder: does it have a laugh track? I can't recall.

        • No laugh track. I could be wrong though. I usually spend the half hour trying to decide which of the two female leads is hotter. I think it's a Ginger-MaryAnn question.
      • You sound like a socially challenged asshole when you spout out unprovoked irrelevant, obscure facts about the topic of conversation. Very annoying.

        Geez. You must know me. Sorry about that. I'm working on it.

        BTW, I do like Enterprise, but it's a little slower moving and never seems to have that great emotional drama coupled with a twist that Firefly seems to.
        I mean, a couple of times I've found myself getting worked up about action on the screen with Firefly, whereas with Enterprise the only time I've ever gotten worked up was the blue goo scene.
        Ummm, T'Pol...
  • Are nickels and dimes too much for the Sally Anne? :)
  • I think Firefly was a bad show because of the morals being emphasized. It is so wrong on so many levels to have a filthy prostitute being portrayed as educated, & of high status.

    There are so many shows that are just as bad, so it isn't as if that was the only 1. I hope that they take more shows off the air.

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