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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Ye Ole Ring Spin 23

Taco wrote a JE about being married and not much of a ring-man (who is?), which reminds me of my wedding and all weddings I've been to since.

Have you ever noticed that in the reception (and usually lasting several weeks afterward), that the new husband is twirling his wedding band around on his finger? Usually his right hand comes over to the left, and just spins it on his finger, keeping the ring fully on, just spinning it. Eventually, after a few weeks, you do it with your left thumb, but the ring spin is still happening.

Married guys, did you do this? I know I did for a few weeks. Is it just a subconsious way for us to get used to wearing the ring?

Also, do you like to take your ring off? Call me old fashioned, but I -rarely- take my ring off (to let the jeweller buff it, and that's about it).
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Ye Ole Ring Spin

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  • Well, I am not married, but I do wear a ring. Not on my ring finger, but on my pinkie finger, left hand.

    Now, having said that, I feel I am qualified to post here.

    Yeah, at first, any new ring makes you feel weird. I twiddle with it even now. It's just something to do, and I am a hyper person.

    Anyhow, about taking the ring off, the only time I take mine off is to shower.

    Mainly because soap scum and water get in their and dull it up and making it kinda scummy. Easier to keep it nice that way.

    my $2,000,001.00 worth.
    • oops, forgot one thing.

      The spinning your ring with your right hand then the switch to the thumb on your left hand thing.

      I do this. It's really funny you mention this. I thought I was weird.

      But, as they say....great minds think alike....which I why I can't understand my agreeing with you :D this pick on FK day? I don't know. Feel free to return the favor. :P
      • don't you mean idiots seldom differ? ;D

        i'm not married, but i have a ring on my right hand. i play with it all the time. of course, i always fiddle with things. if i'm holding something that can come apart while i'm talking to someone, it will come apart and be put back together. madith isn't always impressed and takes things like those pager things at restraunts away from me if i take them apart. it's just something i do and has nothing to do with being nervous.
  • .. and the ring went off after 2 weeks, haven't put it on since. Not that I don't feel dedicated to my wife, or I am still looking... it's just I couldn't get used to it. I kept setting it down, left it at the office a couple times.. then I stuck it in my wifes jewlry box in our dresser, and there it has sat since. After 1 month, becomes 1 year, ring never went back on finger.

    Now I belive we are 3 going on four years, and it's still sitting in the same box.. (5 apartments, and 3 countries later).

    One of these days I will put it back on. My wife sometimes brings it up when I fly to Eastern europe to work with the guys (Secret eastern european development team! Albonians.)

    Interesting thoughts... Reading CT's journal reminded me of the excitement of being married. Thats what I love weddings, reminds me why I got there and how important it is to keep that flame burning.
  • I'm not a guy, but let me tell you what's really weird, even startling....

    I used to wear a ring that my grandparents bought me when I was 13. It wasn't a "promise ring," but it was sort of the same notion. Girls wear them on their ring finger and they're supposed to sort of remind the girls that they're not supposed to have sex before marriage or something like that. I wore that thing for years, and then after I was mature enough to be like "ok, this is cheesy, I am done wearing this thing, I don't even like this ring (I like amethysts and all, but it was yellow gold, and I don't really like gold anymore), plus the whole premise behind it is sort of broken, so I'm done.

    Well, I wore that ring for a lot of years. And I think that everyone plays with a ring on their ring finger with their thumb. So, to this day, sometimes I'll be walking along and absent-mindedly reach over to that finger with my thumb, and freak out because it has not come in contact with metal. For a minute I can't even figure out why I'm freaking. Then, calmness comes, and I remember, the ring is safely at home in my jewelry box, it isn't lost or anything.

    This is actually a good thing, because if any of you married guys lose your wedding ring (which I hope none of you will) you will likely find it right away because that very habit will cause you to notice almost immediately that it is gone.
  • by glh ( 14273 )
    I have always been a compulsive ring "spinner". I started the habit in college. I always had a few rings on my fingers (pinky, left and right ring finger, even though not married yet). I usually played with at least one of them. After I graduated college I wore my college ring for a while. It spun REALLY well. In fact, almost a little too well (I almost lost it a few times from spinning so fast and landing somewhere on the floor).

    After I got married, I all but abandoned my previous rings. I now only wear my regular wedding ring. It's got somewhat of a weaved design on it, but that doesn't stop me from spinning it. In fact, earlier today at a meeting I was doing just that. I do it subconciously, and after a bit I realize "doh! that's my wedding ring, I better not spin it". Whenever my wife see's me take it off for anything she gets a little ticked, but I'm still not 100% broken of my bad habits even after 3 years.

    As far as taking off my ring.. I usually take it off before showering and also at night. The reason I take it off at night is because my particular ring gets water under it easily, and it would probably rot my finger off if I never took it off, so I give my finger time to breathe.

    Anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to know.. :)
  • That's spooky. I thought I was the only one that twirled my ring. And yes I started out using my right hand and now have graduated to the left thumb!

    For the first couple of months I didn't like wearing the ring (I'm not a jewerly kind of person), but now I don't take it off (except in the shower for fear of the drain).

  • It'll be interesting when I get married. I have a fistful of rings on my right hand (one on each finger), but I hate wearing rings on my left hand. They feel wrong. It doesn't make sense -- I'm not left handed, so they don't get in the way or anything. It just feels wrong. I really hope that changes.

    I think it's interesting how we can make ourselves used to things though -- my right hand now feels naked when it doesn't have its rings...expecially my thumb. My one toe feels completely wrong without its toe ring. Theoretically, I should be able to do it -- but I don't have a good record with other rings on my left hand...

  • Yup, I admit it. I'm a ring spinner. I just got married at the end of August, and I compulsively spin my ring. I also (much to my wife's annoyance) tend to twirl my watch on my finger.

    I also tend to leave my ring beside my keyboard when I'm working, and to leave it on the bedside table at night. Which is OK, because she leaves hers off in the lab (she's a Level-4 virologist, working with Ebola. I don't blame her for not wanting to wear a ring under those gloves).

  • Used to play with it constantly. Still occasionally do with right hand. Usually spin with middle and pinkie finger of left hand (variation on the thumb spin?)

    I wear it all the time except for a few conditions. First, handling raw meat. (Oh, mamma mia, if that was someone else who made that double entendre...) Don't want to get stuff under the ring. Second, when doing yardwork or working on mechanical stuff. Heard stories of people who have stripped their ring fingers down to the bone. Not gonna be me. Finally, I sometimes take it off while riding the motorcycle, for the same reason. Also, if I go down on my hand and the pavement wears through the glove, I am willing to bet the pavement will quickly wear through the gold ring. I'm not worried about the protective nature in this case, I just don't want to lose it:)

    And I'm sorry, but getting married in Vegas makes CT even more of a twiddledink than before. He could have at least done one of those Sandals Wedding/Honeymoon packages.

  • I was spinning my ring while reading your JE!

    Hahahahaha! Its nice to know that I'm predictable!

    My ring is actually a quater size too big... so it spins like crazy, and its fun to do.

    Since it is a little big, I have a fat callous on my palm right where the joint for the finger is. Its fun to rub that, too.\

    See! All these benefits of marraige that no one tells you about!

    "Mawage. Dat dween wiffin a dweem..."
  • I've had my ring for 6 years and I still do it. I think it is a nervous reaction or behavior.. like when I do pen flipping tricks [].
  • I've been through it all with regards my wedding ring.
    Been married 8 years and lost it twice and my wife lost her custom made engagement ring.
    When I first got married I didn't wear it except for when we went out because I worked around machinery and on scaffolding so thats not a good idea unless you want to lose a finger.
    Then when I got a desk job in an actual office I started wearing it. I only do the twiddling thing occasionally but I know when I'm not wearing it now. It's no big deal for me. My wife usually only wears her wedding band when she goes out.

    10th year anni I'm going to have her ring remade and get a mothers ring with the kids birthstones to match it.

    And taco's been married 3 days and he's posting on /. already. what a wanker.
  • I got married in August, and I play with the thing constantly, take it off, move it to the right thumb, all of that. But then, I'm a fidgeter, when I'm not playing with the ring I'm twirling the beard.
  • I got married in April, and by the second day of our honeymoon is was spending more time being spun on the desk or flipped and caught, and generally being played with.

    At least twice I've had to go digging down the back of the couch after dropping it while attempting some fidgetting that required more dexterity than I possess.
  • Could also be a defensive gesture, Alan Pease gives the example of prince charles playing with his cuff-links; a subtle arm cross. Being in the center of attention I guess that would make anyone nervous that isn't used to it.
  • by slothdog ( 3329 )
    Now that you mention it, I *am* a ring-spinner. I've never really consciously noticed it before. Although I've put on enough weight after almost 10 years of marriage that I can't budge it with my thumb, so I'm still a two-handed spinner. (Um, that sounds a little weird.)
  • Coming on 4 years and I know I do this, but not very much.

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