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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'm copying Em 26

I decided to rant after reading Em's rant. But mine is about TV.

Why is it that the shows I like are barely making it and the ones that are crap always stay? CSI, Crossing Jordan, et al. Yeah, its neat to see how a CSI team does there job, and (if you are wierd) you like to see how the medical examiners figure out stuff from corpses. But these two shows carry a trait I hate. They ALSO DO ALL THE DETECTIVE WORK! There's a reason detectives do what they do! No CSI person is gonna know how to interrogate a suspect, or get someone to admit their guilt, or be a part of a firefight bust. Come on! Law & Order and its spin offs all are much more realistic than these specialty shows, but "Boomtown" is one that shows each angle without blowing the position out of proportions if you are a fan of the crapper shows.

Comedy. Want comedy? Watch Scrubs. That show puts me into a belly laugh EVERY EPISODE! And, my second favorite is now a mid-season replacement. Andy Richter Controls the Universe! How can so few people watch that show! Its hilarious!

The only other shows I watch are Iron Chef, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (late sunday night on cartoon network), and football (when in season). I can understand those are just my tastes, and not generally liked by all.
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I'm copying Em

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  • Good entertaining show, and the wife likes it too. Good characters. It doesn't do well under the reality microscope - so it's best just to not think of it that way. I'm glad they do all the work - characters don't get enough time to develop otherwise.

    CSI: Miami, on the other hand, is really poor. Caruso just can't act this part, and there's nobody else there to help out. He's wooden, and not in an ingratiating Gil sort of way. The sniper episode was almost unwatchable (and was the last episode I'll watch). It's like a parody of CSI.

    The only other show I've watched in the last 6 months is Simpsons.
  • I agree, CSI is pretty unrealistic. Law and Order isn't too bad-- the nice thing is, you can always find an episode airing just about any time of the day.

    One of the few shows I watch is Smallville. I used to like Alias a lot, but lately it seems as though they have dumbed it down a bit (I still watch it). If I got the cooking channel I'd watch Iron Chef, but I'm not paying the extra $20 to get standard cable and 19 other channels I wouldn't watch. I occasionally check out "Trading Spaces" on TLC and watch how stupid some of the stuff the designers think up :)
  • Someone compared it to 'Ally McBeal', but I don't think that's entirely fair. Scrubs is so perverse, so sly and understated; it operates in an entirely different plane of reality.

    I often wonder how it got on TV, much less on "Must See TV". It seems much to sophisticated (and outright weird) to be on NBC's so-important Thursday.
    • Agreed that Scrubs rocks. I have to say that John C. McGinley makes the show as Dr. Cox, though.
      Without Dr. Cox, the show wouldn't be half as good as it is, and there aren't a lot of actors who could pull off a role like that. McGinley's just an all-around good actor.
  • by dthable ( 163749 )
    It took me some time but I just remembered that I do have a TV at home. I'm sure it's quite dusty by now seeing how I never really use it. I just can't stand people who center their life around TV. My wife (soon to be ex) always watched TV. Anytime she was in the apartment, there was a TV on. I'd rather read or have a nice conversation with someone.

    I personally think much of the programming is crap. Law and Order is nothing like the real system. ER doesn't even come close. I've even stopped watching The Simpsons. The new shows don't feel the same. The only use I have for TV at times is just to keep up with the news and even that is turning to crap.
  • Andy Richter is down rigt hillarious.

    It seems that the only time I ever watch TV is sunday night, and normally it's only Adult Swim.

    Anybody else like OZ, it's comming up on it's last season. They barely have a few episodes each season, and they are already calling it quits.

  • Iron Chef, all of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, are great shows. I could probably sit down at your Tivo and be quite satisfied :)

    but everyone needs to watch Firefly. It's a good, well written, "cowboys in space" show. Tivo it. if you like it, tell people. maybe fox won't cancelling it like they do all their good shows. it's amazing the simpons is still on.

    • Yeah, I watched Firefly. Pretty neat concept. Might get a season pass.

      Oh, have you seen John Doe? I really am getting into that show, too.
      • I've liked the John Doe episodes that I've seen. one thing bugs me... he's working for the police, and he keeps sneaking into peoples houses, suspected crime scenes... for a guy who know EVERYTHING, he speciality seems to be giving defense lawyers a good reason to get the case thrown out on a technicality. on Law and Order, they at least acknowledge that they need a warrant, even if they sometimes fudge it a little :)

        I know, I know, it's tv, not reality.
      • Forgot to add that one to my list. John Doe is cool. Problem is, after watching the show, I keep coming up with ways for him to find out who the hell he is and all that. The guy is a set of encyclopedias, and yet he doesn't really use it to find out for sure who he is. Of course, if he did use all his brain-power for finding that out, there wouldn't be a show. Anyhow.

        BTW, you did see my comment where I said CSI is an entertaining show, but no way the real Criminalists would do that right? Just wanted to clarify.

  • Shows which are on my TIVO at the moment.

    Scrubs: Is GREAT! Probably one of the best new shows in years. The characters are outstanding. Actually, this is probably going to be a long-lived series maybe to match Sienfield in greatness.. my opinion of course.

    Buffy: Yes, I know... ... I know.. I know. I just started watching it this year, but my wife and I are totally addicted. We have already purchased season 1, 2 and are waiting for the season 3 DVD's. I think the character development is great! :)

    The Dead Zone: Another GREAT surprise. I saw the DVD of the season at Smiths Video the other day, so you can rent it and watch the entire season. It's a -GREAT- show. You definately would enjoy it.

    Taken: Hmm.. just watched first episode and loved it. I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

  • I'd rather punch myself in the dick for the night than watch any of the mind numbing dreck that they show on network TV.
  • and I also just don't get enough time to watch tv.
    really, the only TV watching gets done on Sunday night (take yr pick: Sopranos, Sex in the City, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Masterpiece Theater (guess which shows my wife makes me watch?!))

    When is Scrubs on? What channel?
    When is Andy Richter on? What channel?
    What's google? ;)
    (yes: I realize I have the most powerful, pop information service at my finger tips, the Internet. However, until it migrates to IPv6, it sucks)

    I'll set up my VCR and see what I catch.
    • Scrubs is thurs night on NBC (I think its nbc).
      Andy Richter is a fox channel, dunno the time though (sorry, TiVo makes it so that I don't need to know that kinda info).
  • My one and only "appointment" show. Great characters, witty dialog, and the occasional civics lesson. That, Simpsons reruns, Jeopardy, and football. Go Chargers, beat the Raiders :)
  • i would definitely recommend home movies (the first show that airs on the sunday adult swim) to anyone who will listen.
    Yeah, i like scrubs a lot too, and Andy Rictor Controls the Universe is a great show that just came back (i think its on sunday now).
  • ...when I'm not listening to the radio, which I do a lot, 'cos that way I don't have to leave the computer at home. :)

    [Warning: following contains large dollops of Britishness, proceed with caution!] :)

    When I do watch TV, my choice is the following :

    The evening news, usually Channel 4 News [channel4.com], it's on when I get home from work.

    Antiques Roadshow [bbc.co.uk] (the UK version, not the one in the States).

    Have I Got News For You? [tvtome.com] (topical news quiz, in the news itself due to host Angus Deayton getting the sack over revelations about him taking drugs and hiring prostitutes).

    Never Mind The Buzzcocks [tvtome.com] (music quiz, featuring the famous and not-so-famous getting the piss taken out of them by host Mark Lamarr).

    House Doctor [channel5.co.uk] - innocent homeowners savaged by Anne Maurice as she sets about making their home saleable. Funny as hell!

    Your Money Or Your Life [bbc.co.uk] - financial basketcases are given a good seeing-to by adviser Alvin Hall (is he the Dale Winton of personal finance?)

    Life Laundry [bbc.co.uk] - households de-cluttered, and souls bared, thanks to the dynamic duo Dawna Walter and Mark Franks.

    Top Of The Pops [bbc.co.uk] - my quest to keep up to speed with the young 'uns at work means I'll watch this so I know what the latest 'pop sensation' looks like in the flesh, and whether or not they can sing. :)

    If all else fails, Cartoon Network, CNX or Boomerang [cartoonnetwork.co.uk] to the request. Just wish they'd order in more episodes of Batman Beyond and X-Men: Evolution... :)

    On the other hand, I avoid the following like a rash :

    Buffy / Angel - teenage angst, ugh!

    WWE - just another soap opera.

    Dawson's Creek - more teen angst.

    Star Trek (any) - got burn-out towards the end of ST:TNG, skipped most of DS9, watched bit of Voyager. The Original Series makes me cringe now, and from what I've seen of Enterprise, it's more of the same, but with different decor.

    B5/Farscape/SG1/etc. - see above, I think I need to do SF cold turkey or something.

    The Simpson - used to love it, but they've run out of ideas now...

    By way of an endnote, I think Channel 4 are showing Scrubs in the late-night slot. Since you lot seem to rate it, I'll see if I can tape a few episodes...

  • I must agree with the CSI/Crossing Jordan stuff. I like to watch the real detectives work (New Detectives, FBI Files, etc.) but I can't suspend my disbelief for CSI, or for Crossing Jordan. Quincy is still the top ME for me (if that's what he was, I was young when I watched Quincy). :P

  • FortKnox, you need to get out more!

    TeeVee is sucking your will to live! Escape, escape!

    Okay, for the record, the only show I watch is a bit of crap TV: Fear Factor (Tee hee).

    Generally, the rule I've used in the past is to avoid shows that use laugh tracks. If the producers feel that I don't/can't "get it" on my own, then they can keep their show.

  • My wife is a resident and Scrubs is her favorite show. Though the situations are exaggerated they all really happen. They must have a room full of bitter residents powering that show.

    I also like 24 for reasons that I detailed recently here. [slashdot.org]

    An amazing amount of TV is crap. I am ashamed that I watch as much as I do.

  • 60 Minutes had this really really awesome show where they talked about demographic profiling and advertising. The formula is basically that advertising firms use a formula like the following to determine a show's popularity:

    (Age 18-28 * 15) + everyone else = total.

    No kidding. 60 Minutes has about 90 million regular viewers and is rated lower than Ed, which has about 12. The reason is that all evidence points to the fact that a certain age demographic is the most impressionable and spends the most money, and therefore all television bends to their will.

    It's a great article and I can't find it but this one [cbsnews.com] is similar.

    Anyway I thought it was relevant to what you were talking about.
  • X-Files!(With Mulder) I'm going to start grabbing the season compilation DVD's (Starting with season 2)

    Other shows watched:
    Americas Cup races (only on every 4 years)
    Some of the reality? shows (Amazing Race, the Mole and Survivor)
    Good Eats!
    Stargate SG1

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