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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] Predictions... 4

So my predictions got screwed up. Although, I have to admit, the only one I was wrong about was the Bears getting upset.
The seahawks beat Dallas cause of the fumbled snap, and SD lost, NE didn't win (damn does Brady inject ice in his blood for the 2 minute drill?!?).
Anywho, I'll have to redo picks since my fav is already out...

NE at Indy: Again, I'm going against the rest of the world, much like I did when I predicted Indy would beat KC. I think this will be a close game, but the 2 minute drill Tom Brady will run will be about tying the game, instead of winning it. Peyton Manning gets that decade monkey off his back and gets into the bowl he's been waiting for... Predicition: Indy

NO at Bears: While the Bears defense turned from that poor defense back to that sturdy defense throughout last week, they won't have to worry much. NO's biggest issue? The ultra slow secondary. They give up too many big plays. If they try to prevent Rex from throwing those perfectly timed bombs with a cover-2 or 3 or 4, it just opens up the Bears running game. Can the NO line handle the bears offensive line? Can the NO LBs handle the 'never stops trying' attitude of the up and coming Cedric Benson? If they can, Rex simply will throw overtop of Fred Thomas. While the NO offense will do a good job and keeping up in the points category, I defense is what wins championships, and just ask Seattle what big plays can do for you in big games...Prediction: Bears

Superbowl: Indy vs Chicago: Defense wins championships, the Bears defense, normally stout, looks a bit weak, and the Indy defense, normally horrid against the run, looks solid. The Indy defense also uses quick linemen to pressure the QB, and Rex under pressure is what causes all the turnovers he's been plagued with. A fun superbowl, but Peyton finally gets his. Prediction: Indy

All in all, this is the most exciting post season I've watched in a while. Mainly due to the fact that I have no favorite teams playing in it...
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[NFL] Predictions...

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  • Come on. Rex did fairly well last week. He's due for another fabulous 0.0 QB rating.
    • Rex plays poorly under pressure. NO doesn't have a pressure defense. Mostly zone to eliminate the lack of speed of the secondary. They counter this with a high octane offense that can produce enough points to prevent opponents offenses from playing a possession style game. Unfortunately, the Bears defense is big enough and the secondary fast enough to tame the NO offense enough to make it a possession game. Could come down to special teams, but I pick Devin Hester over Reggie Bush, no question.
  • As much as I'd really LIKE to see Chicago win, I'm afraid of "The SuperBowl Shuffle, part II" so I'm going to go out on a big limb, and say, New Orleans will go all the way and win the Super Bowl.
  • which strongly favors their style of play. I pick emotional favorite NO to face Indy, but Peyton wins the big one at long last.

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