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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [M,MH&I] So sick.... 9

This is going to get disgusting fast, so the squeamish may want to just skip this.

A rather nasty stomach bug has reared its nasty head around this area, and I caught it yesterday. I exercised yesterday, then worked from home a bit to go to the dentist for a cleaning, then went to work. That was a bad idea. Already wiped out from my workout, I was pretty useless at work and felt terrible. Then it got really bad. You know that dizziness you get before you puke? I got it at work. Stumbled into the bathroom... barely. I ran into 3 walls on the way. No puking, but I almost passed out in the bathroom. After about 45 minutes in the bathroom, I walk back to my desk, stop by the bosses cube to simply say "I'm going home", and by how I looked (which I found out later... ghost white with red blotches on my face... plus my hair and face were soaked cause I splashed water on it while in the bathroom). I stumbled out of work and drove home. I called my wife and told her to call me and check on me on my way home. She was busy and forgot, but I made it home... barely. I was hallucinating on my way home. For example, on a back road close to my house, there were shadows of trees on the road. Between two suck shadows, I came to a screeching stop. It looked like a giant hole in the road. Thank god this was in the middle of the afternoon and no one else was on the road.
When I got home, I stumbled into the bedroom, and passed out on my bed. Wife apparently got me out of my work clothes.. then things got bad.

I won't go into details... I only threw up once in the evening, but I was in the bathroom all day and night. It wasn't just feeling nauseous, but I had so many severe cramps and such in my stomach and gut. I got the worst of the stomach bug, as I find out from the news this morning.
You know how people get the bug so bad they can't keep water down? Similar thing. By the night, I was cleaned out. So I started sipping water... 5 minutes later, I'd actually crap out water. It was freaking me out pretty bad.
Today I'm a bit better, but still definitely sick. I slept so much during the day, I was up wide awake a lot last night... so I ended up watching cartoon network. Dude, those animes are just messed up! The stories are just completely whack!

So now I get a call from my boss. I've procrastinated doing my self evaluation that its due today. So I have to finish up two parts of it and send it in by 5. I'm a bit dizzy sitting up, but I'll throw something together. Probably won't be back into work until friday. Problem with getting a stomach bug with IBS, is that my intestines recover much slower than your average person, so I'm gonna feel like crap for the week. Probably won't work out again until sunday, now... just when I was getting used to my cardio, too....

Hope everyone else is having a better day....
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[M,MH&I] So sick....

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  • I rarely hallucinate. Only one thing makes me regularly hallucinate, and that is trying to stay awake during horrifically bad lectures. Aside from that...
  • My wife's had that one for three weeks now. With her being pregnant, its ... disconcerting. She's going to the doctors today to see if she can take anything stronger than Kaopectate as its not really doing much of anything.

    Hope you feel better bud.
  • If you thought we were going to kick you when you're down, then you really are a dumbass...

    You Know Who.
  • I had that two or three months ago, and in the immediate aftermath, I'd drink water then crap out muddy water about 5 or 10 minutes later. It was awful.
    • Yep. I had that once with food poisoning. I drankt he water and could feel it working its way through my intestines until I had to rush to the bathroom. It actually started coming out mostly clear after awhile, too. That sucked.

      I've only hallucinated whilst driving once, and that was after pulling an all nighter. Same thing with the tree shadows, only my mind was telling me that they were really a large crow flapping around the floorboard of my truck. Luckily I was able to look at it and think, 'You

  • It's really been going around the country, though. I've heard of all manners of severity and all over the place.

    It wasn't that disgusting. Then again, I'm used to it. :)
    • It wasn't that disgusting. Then again, I'm used to it. :)

      I was going to mention how after I got cleaned out I was crapping bile and stuff, but decided against it.
      But, as we all know 'everybody poops', so its more 'technical' than 'disgusting'.
  • I had a really bad stomach bug a couple years ago, I ended up going to the doctor to get checked out because of the fever. Ended up having to have someone drive me to the doctor no less, thankfully fevers don't make me hallucinate. Staying up for too many hours is another story entirely.

    If I don't have another stomach bug again for years it'll be too soon.

    Feel better.

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