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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [NFL] Full Playoffs predictions 2

I'm going to go through each game, make my pics, but probably have a few "won't be surprised if..." phrases to not hang myself out to dry when I'm completely wrong ;)

KC at Indy Everyone is saying it. Larry Johnson will run all over that pitiful Indy defense. You are right. Only problem is that KC doesn't have the defense to stop Peyton Manning. Even if Larry Johnson gets 200 yards rushing, Manning will score a TD with every possession, and that's what will win the game. High scoring, but Peyton relishes high scoring games... Prediction: Indy

Dallas at Seattle I'm torn on every NFC matchup. I can see any of the teams in this conference making it to the superbowl (and none of them winning it). If... and this is a big IF.... Seattle can get there shit together, and the defense step up, and the offense step up, they could be the best shot for the NFC to win it all. However, they are missing their two starting corners, and so they have a rookie and a free safety covering TO and Terry Glenn. If the Dallas running game gets started, forcing man-to-man and play-action, this secondary will get torched. But on the other side, Seattle can put up 4 and 5 reciever sets, forcing the Dallas LBs into coverage, and, even worse, Roy Williams into coverage, and Hasslebeck will shred the Dallas defense... My gut tells me to pick Seattle, but without the starting corners (and your head coach isn't Belichick), I have to go with Predicition: Dallas

Giants at Philly Another game I'm torn on. Everything points to Philly not only winning, but crushing the Giants... but the Giants have that wildcard... Tiki could play the role of Jerome Bettis. You know he's retiring, so here's his last chance. But last years Steelers will be a once in a lifetime 6 seed going all the way. The giants D stinks, especially the secondary, and Eli Manning cracks under the slightest pressure (and he's up against Jim Johnson's system!). Division battles can go either way, but I have to stick with my gut on this one Prediction: Iggles

Jets at NE Blood... this game is against two teams who hate each other, two coaches that have grudges on one another, and two teams and coaches that know each other EXTREMELY well. It will go either way. The Jets have the smoke and mirrors to get past NE (they've already done it once), but NE is a very disiplined team. If Tom Brady had the WRs he deserves this decision would be cake (BTW - if they still had Charlie Weis, those no-name WRs would be powerful... they are missing Weis). Mangini did miracles in NY, but he's still a couple years away. Prediction: NE

Next Round:

Indy at Baltimore Honestly, I think Baltimore and SD are, by far, the two best teams in the NFL. However, Baltimore's big weakness is its poor corner play. Very few offenses could take advantage of this, the biggest being Peyton Manning... I think I'm going to call the upset. Steve McNair won't have too much luck against the Cover-2, although the running game might get going... but the running game doesn't do too well keeping up with Peyton. Predicition: Indy

Philly at Chicago Lovie Smith said something very thought provoking in his last few press conferences. "We are the number one seed, but people still boo our starting QB". You'll find out why in this game. The Bears defense can hold the Eagles. The Bears ST can score points on the Eagles. The Bears offense will give away the ball whenever the Eagles are already in FG range. The Eagles MVP? Rex Grossman. Prediction: UPSET! Eagles

NE at SD Tom Brady could have some success against the susceptible Baltimore secondary, but NE is mostly a running team this year, and you won't run on two teams: SD and Baltimore. A low scoring defense-fest, but Baltimore will come out the victor. Predicition: Baltimore

Dallas at Nawlins NO doesn't have a great playoff defense. However, the offense is high powered, and can stretch the field, which is big-D's weakness. Another high scoring game, which is what NO can play. Prediction: NO

Next Round:

Philly at NO No question here, for me. While Philly is more balanced, NO can put up more points. Simple as that. Prediction: NO

Indy at SD Peyton Manning vs the 34. It gets him everytime. Dallas beat him. Pittsburgh beat him. NE beat him. SD beat him. SD has the rest, and has the defense to contain him. SD also has the running game to run over Indy. Its close, but SD controls it the whole time Predicition: SD

SD vs NO This Superbowl won't be too exciting. The NO defense won't be able to contain the SD offense. The SD defense is both fast and physical. While NO will be able to score points, SD will be able to slow the offense down, and probably get a few turnovers. Predicition: SD

If Baltimore vs SD becomes a game, that'll be the 'real' superbowl, cause those are the two best teams going at it. Whoever wins that will win the superbowl. I cheated my way out of calling that game ;)
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[NFL] Full Playoffs predictions

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  • Prediction: UPSET! Eagles

    I haven't been following events on that side of the pond very closely, but on gut instinct, I sold out of my position on the Bears last night. I made quite a profit in the process, as it turned out, too. I originally backed them at 31:1, and by the time I sold out of the position, it had gone down to 6:1. But something just tells me even if they make it through this match, they won't go all the way.

  • Man, it's rather unfair of the NFL to make Baltimore play two playoff teams the same week.

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