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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Week 9 Predictions 10

As usual, in order of confidence:

Steelers vs. Browns Lets see. Can't run against the Steelers, and the browns have a terrible running game. Last time Couch played the secondary, he only had 130 yards passing. Tommy Maddox only played 2 minutes last game, and won it. Pittsburgh by 14

Ravens vs. Falcons Ravens are without Ray Lewis. The dirty birds just knocked off Nawl'ins. Atlanta by 10

Eagles vs. Bears Well, Chicago was the reason I kept losing office polls. No way that can stop the Eagles this week. Philly by 10

Fins vs. Pack Rickey Williams, meet the rejuvenated Green Bay defense. Miami secondary? Meet Brett Favre in winter. Green Bay by 8

Pats vs. Bills New England will realize that Bledsoe was the one to keep. Buffalo by 7

Vikings vs. Bucs Yeah, like no one knows the outcome of this. At least it will be a close game (because the bucs can only score on defense). Tampa Bay by 7

Jets vs. Chargers The Jets are picking up the pieces, but they have to face a stout D. San Diego by 6

Cowboys vs. Lions Emmitt. You are a great running back. But I can't stand how you'd go out to beat sweetness' record. Maybe Barry Sanders would of deserved it, but not you. Anyway, rookie QB vs rookie QB. I like Harrington. Detroit by 3

Titans vs. Colts Can Peyton finally have a game? If Eddie George plays, I'm calling the upset. Tennessee by 3

Skins vs. Seahawks This is the game. I'm predicting that the Washington D will finally click this game. Seattle is in for a big surprise. Just wait Cliff. Your team is now going to do well. The D will step up and Spurrier finally gave up the "fun and gun" for more of a "run and shoot" offense (AND they picked up a good reciever today, Willie Jackson) Washington by 3

Rams vs. Cards I believe the Rams are coming back into form. St. Louis by 3

49ers vs. Raiders This is a really tough call. I think it will be a shootout, but Oaklands CB's are injured. I'll give it to San Fran. San Fransico by 2

Bengals vs. Texans As much as I'd love the Bengals to go 0-14 this year (it would force Mike Brown to give up the GM spot), I think they may win this game. Cincinnati by 1

Jags vs. Giants The NY Defense is showing promise. Jacksonville is so inconsistant that its a hard game to call. NY by 1
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Week 9 Predictions

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  • It would be one thing to pick against a bookies spread, but I think David Carr and Jabbar gaffney are a much better duo than (Russian roulette QB) and Peter Warrick. Perhaps Dillon can have a monster game (and not trip over his own guards foot), but I doubt it, Carr goes for 280Yds, 3TD's, 1 pick, Gaffney 1 TD, 85Yds. Texans win 27-17, with the cinci D accounting for 10 pts (INT and a field goal setup). Check back monday for actual stats.
    • Well, the bengals are pretty pissed off that they are the underdog and REALLY pissed off with their record. Dick Lebeau guaranteed a victory which is VERY unlike him. That, and its really hard to go a season without a win. This is their best chance of a win.
      • This isn't Jersey/A from 2 years ago, they had a solid team that just wasn't performing, Fassel just gave them a swift kick in the nads. You are right on one count that the front office needs to change, but some of it has been plain bad luck, namely Kijanna Carter should have been as good or better than Curtis Martin or Tiki barber, but a freak knee blow-out can do that. However, Dan Wilkinson and Akili Smith were two of the most bone headed draft picks of all time. Just because a player has a phenomenal combine workout doesn't mean hat they are mentally ready to play with the big boys.

        Check out my Journal [slashdot.org] it backs up some comments I made a couple of weeks ago about turning the Bengals around
        • What I think the Bengals need at QB is a young QB who has some experience. Joe Germaine is not that QB (if he can't succeed against NFL Europe defenses, he ain't gonna do shit against NFL defenses). Todd Husak has good skills and good instincts and is currently on the Jets practice squad. He turned an 0-3 start in Berlin to a 6-4 final record and won a championship on the other team's home turf. The other QB on that team, who only played a quarter each game, and is not on any NFL roster or practice squad at this time, is Tim Hasselbeck. At BC, he was better than his brother, Matt. Junk Frerotte. Maybe keep Smith around for one more season to avoid killing the cap. Keep Kitna around; he's the most experienced QB they have and is a decent backup.

          Trade down like crazy in the draft. Try to accumulate as many third-round picks as possible. It's better to have depth than star talent; you're more immune from injuries. Look for work ethic more than raw talent.

          That's my theory... I could be completely wrong.

          Of course, should the Bengals have gone after Bledsoe? Time will tell.

        • Well, Mike Brown loves to blame it on the QB. I have two solutions if they want a new QB.

          Fire the QB coach Kenny Anderson. He's been there 10 years, and each year has been aweful for QB's. Brown keeps coachs that are loyal, not good.

          Put in 1 QB and play him all season. Hell, make it Akili, and see what he'll learn in a season. Peyton Manning wasn't good his first season, but he BECAME a LEADER by being GUARANTEED his position.
        • Ok, I was wrong, Bengals actually showed up to play this week, but I doubt its going to start a trend. If only I had 300 mil to blow on a pro sports team
  • Unless something significant happens, the lack of a decent secondary is REALLY hurting them.
    The Offense is the same as it ever was I think. It's just the lack of rushing D that has killed them the last 3 weeks.
  • If the Steelers don't get in the endzone the 1st quarter they won't get in at all.
    Browns 10 Steelers 6.
  • Yes, the 'Skins did surprise Seattle, today, and the actual MoV was 11, not 3. :D

    I'm halfway happy. My Hokies lost their first game of the season to Pitt, however, and that makes me very sad. But I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the VT Hokies should be getting more respect from the mainstream press. Hell, we were#3, and might still be able to get back up there again, especially if we can knock off a #1 Miami, which I believe they can. Others may think I'm dreaming, and they'd probably be right, but when the impossible does happen, I'll be sitting here with a shit-eating grin on my face and a ready "I tol' j00 so!" on my lips.

    Expect it.

    Expect it, also, when the 'Skins make the play-offs. :D

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