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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Week 6 Picks 8

Here comes my week 6 picks. I did aweful last week, so take'm with a grain of salt. Ranked in order of confidence.

Bills vs Texans The Texans should rejoice. The Bills D is sure to let them have a few touchdowns. Of course Drew Bledsoe is going to utterly annihilate and humble the Texans D. Buffalo by 14

Jags vs Titans Poor poor Tennessee. D is banged up, and Jacksonville is rising out of the ashes. Tennessee gets slaughtered. Jacksonville by 14

Panthers vs Cowboys Carolina bounces back this week and wreaks havok against the 'boys aweful corners. Mushin Muhammad is back, too. The elderly Peete has a career day. Carolina by 10

Ravens vs Colts Ray Lewis is doubtful? Edgerinn James is playing? Indianapolis' poor defense aside, this should be an easy win for indy. Indianapolis by 10

Falcons vs Giant Vick is out. No name replaces him. Giants simply place 8 in the box, stop the run, and the falcons lose. New York by 10

Raiders vs. Rams Oh how I wish the Raiders to be humbled. Against the fallen, broken, and pathetic Rams? Not a chance. BUT I won't give the raiders a big spread. Lopsided games like this have a tendency to be close games. Oakland by 7

Saints vs Skins The Saints were not very impressive at Pittsburgh except for two big plays. But the skins D is worse than the steelers. N'awlins pulls off another one. New Orleans by 3

49ers vs. Seahawks Dilfer and Alexander are both up and at'm. The O line is a bit ailing. The 49ers are all happy about beating StL's. My instinct tells me that Seattle will bring them back down to earth, but the niners are playing really well. San Fran by 3

Dolphins vs. Broncos Another upset. 'Fins on the road havne't had a great D. The broncs can stop Ricky. I can't wait to see what Clinton Portis will do (I've held onto him in my fantasy leagues in hopes he'd emerge a starter). Denver by 3

Lions vs Vikings Time for detroit to show that they aren't the worst team anymore. Detroit by 3

Browns vs. Bucs Here's a tough game for Cleveland. Tim Couch needs to have a helluva game to regain support when he returns home. The defense needs to show that they can stop the run. The Browns D isn't wonderful, but the O is powerful. The Bucs O isn't wonderful, but the D is powerful. I'll call it an upset. Browns by 3

Steelers vs Bengals When the bengals are at their worst, they always can bounce back with the Steelers. If you aren't a pittsburgh fan, I'd almost tell you to pick cincinnati. Almost. The steelers are in the "must win ever game this season" mode, so expect them to come out with guns flailing. Pittsburgh by 1

Packers vs Patriots The patriots have to face a tough offense with the pack. But the Packers D still has holes in it. Can Tom Brady come out on top without Troy Brown? I don't think so, but it'll be a squeaker. Green Bay by 1

Chiefs vs. Chargers This will be a GOOD GAME. The Chiefs have a good pass attack and an excellent run attack. The Bolts are a run intensive team with a decent passing attack. The Charger D is better than the Chiefs, but Marcus Wiley, and Junior are banged up. If they don't return the Chiefs are assured a win. If they do, it's a crapshoot. Chiefs by 1
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Week 6 Picks

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  • Dammit! With the LBs and CBs that they have, they should not be this bad! At least I've been seeing steady improvement over the course of the season. I haven't been looking at N'awlins much this season, but I'm a die hard skins fan and I'm biased. That alone is worth me disputing FortKnox's esteemed but flawed prediction.

    Skins by 7.

    • Yeah, I'm waiting for Lewis' influence to hit that D. I have the skins D on my fantasy team waiting for the 'breakout' game.

      They got the talent and the coach. It'll just click one game, and 'whammo'.
      • Heh!
        Yeah, I'm waiting for Lewis' influence to hit that D. I have the skins D on my fantasy team waiting for the 'breakout' game.
        One game? Yeah. This one. :D

        - Cliff <- The Eternal Optimist.

    • Its the under performing D-Line that is killing them though. Get 2 monster DT's to plug the middle and things will be fine. Daryl Gardener and Dan Wilkinson just can't get it done. The top LBs of the last 20 years have had monsters on the inside, Singletary had that ungodly line at the Bears (Fridge was a third stringer his rookie year, think about it), Ray Lewis had the Beer Man (Sam Adams) and the Deep-fry man (Tony Siragusa) to get a super bowl mvp. Even Urlacher for all of his athletic ability is enhanced by having Taylor and Washington keeping him free to make plays.

      Fix the mess that is the D-Line (Picking one of U of Miami's, Oklahoma's or TX A&M DT's would be a start, or get real lucky in the free agent pool (Green Bay tried that this year, remains to be seen if they can keep everyone healthy at the same time).

      Beyond that, I'm not convinced that Spurrier's scheme can work in the pros. At Fl, he had at least 2 WR that could beat any college secondary in the country (I went to UK [], so I got to watch Jaquez Green and Riedell Anthony torch us for 130 each in Commonwealth). Now he has to deal with having much better secondaries that know how to read QB's and study film correctly. That leaves a two-fold problem. He could trade around to get Charles Rogers from Michigan St., and still not have anyone to throw to him, or he could pick up (Dorsey|Leftwich|?) and still not have anyone to throw to.

      Bottom line, Spurrier needs a minimum of 3 more years to get things straightened out in DC, but he won't get it, he gets 2 more years and finishes 8-8 without making the playoffs, Synder snaps and he is fired. If Synder wants a winner he should A) let Spurrier and Lewis make all player personel decisions and let them stick around for another 5 years minimum or B) get his own GM in full-time to make player personel decisions, fire those two and get a toady head coach (Dave Campo would be great but he is busy getting buggered by Jerry Jones for the moment). You have to have consistency at the top, or problems will creep up with your team.

      And for my next performace I will detail how the Bengals can become Super Bowl champs in 4 years.
      • I can't agree more, here.

        Please don't remind me that Snyder is a jerk. I have been reminded about that time and time again. I didn't want Spurrier, to be honest. I wanted Marty. We were winning with Marty. Now we have a freshman head coach...again.

        History repeats itself.

        Here's waiting for the end of the season to see if we rinse and repeat the cycle all over again...

        Oh! And I'm waiting for that Bengals report. Seriously. :-D

  • by daoine ( 123140 ) <> on Thursday October 10, 2002 @03:37PM (#4426620)
    I'll take all your spreads, cut them in half, and make them mine with the exception of...

    Patriots by 1
    Bucs by 3
    Chargers by 1

    Gotta go with some more home teams...otherwise I fear getting burnt like week 4.
    • LT will be stopped. Denver can stop the run. You think Brees can make things happen with the Chargers?

      Bucs and pats, I can see where youa re coming from, but I'm pretty confident the bolts are losing this week.
  • My poor Cleveland Browns... their Run D has never been good and it's shaping out to be just as bad this year: Got run on by Priest Holmes, Corey Dillon, and Jamal Lewis.

    And it is suffering for the same reasons why the secondary is suffering (outside of the injuries. Robert Griffith is out now): no QB pressure. The inability to get back to the QB or at least stop the RB for a loss means fewer mistakes by opponents. But if someone like Gerard Warren or C. Brown can get fired up, things might switch around quickly.

    The Browns O-line is the death of the team. The success of the pass only really comes from the shotgun. Granted, the receiver corps are young and thirst (check out that catch Northcutt got last weekend) but that won't help when Warren Sapp will be spending more time in the backfield than Tim Couch. A lot of injuries on the line but the also seem to be unable to come together (check out the non-production by William Green).

    I love 'em, by God I do. But I don't see them winning this game. And it is quite possible, via a bad break in regard to Couch, that this might be the killing blow for the season. I just hope everyone gets through this game ok.

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