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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Do you use AIM? 40

Do you use AIM?

Should the 'fans/friends' share their AIM nicks?

Mine's pretty simple. Its not FortKnox. You can figure it out, I'm sure...
Hint: Email -@
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Do you use AIM?

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  • I use AIM, however I have my buddy list setup to block all SNs that aren't on my buddy list. Thus, if I don't know you can't see me. However, if enough of us begin to post the SNs I might follow up with what mine are.
  • I use aim, Yahoo's IM, and MSN messenger. All for work mainly though, so to be honest, I wouldn't be able to share it. :(

  • I use AIM via iChat:
    my AIM logins are:
    • Possibly because musilims hate non-musilims. []

      I do not hate musilims. I am a secular jew, so I am jewish only by birth, not by faith. I, like many jews and christians, do not hate those not of our faith. Despite the hyperlink, certainly not all musilims hate non-musilims either, as evidenced by my friendship with a musilim.
      • I think you hate everybody, and that's why you work in Customer Services (you and that em emalb guy probably work together, right? RIGHT?).
        In fact, I probably talked to you last week when I tried to get an RMA for used paint I bought (it was in the shape of a house).
        • As far as I know, I don't work with him. Small world though, so you never know.

          I guess you could call it customer service for my job description, but it's not that per se. I work with the customer and various telcos,etc. I do network design (often on the fly--it's really cool that way, who needs documentation? here's a hint. You do.) and third level troubleshooting. I.E., my network is down, we have routing issues and the cookie cutter stuff ain't fixing it.

          So, as I said, I suppose it's customer service.

          hehe, like the joke though
        • I work selling hiking boots and outdoor clothing, not customer service. Ordinarily I understand what you're saying, but I completely don't understand your first sentence. Are you serious? I suppose I could hate all my friends, but that would contradict webster. "1 a : one attached to another by affection or esteem"
          If you were going for humor it went right over my head.
  • It's "The Xaoswolf" and I accept messages from all, which means of course that I also get the AIM-SPAM, oddly enough, I only get the same message from different usernames, haven't seen a new message in weeks...
  • by einstein ( 10761 )
    I usually use gaim, and I can be found on 'rishel1' most of the time.
  • I use it via my .mac address - threegee at mac dot com - so people using unofficial clients sometimes have problems. Depends if you have access to OSCAR or TOC or whatever.
  • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )
    Do you have to ask? :-D

    Com2Kid of course.

    Com2Kid on AIM, ICQ (either Com2Kid, both are me), MSM, and YIM. :) ( for MS messenger, ugh. I swore I'd never get a hotmail address buuuuut. . . . .)
  • I exclusively use ICQ. Why? Because it is superior in my eyes above AIM. (Really, who came up with using the buddy names as primary key should go back to take some database classes) I know they use the same protocol, but featurewise ICQ is much richer. I have to admit that the default configuration of ICQ sucks badly, but it just takes 10 minutes to put it in a "usable" configuration. (that is on PC, on the Mac ICQ is absolutely wonderful)
    And I'm easy to find on ICQ. Really... somebody on my fanlist already "found" me that way.
    • Really, who came up with using the buddy names as primary key should go back to take some database classes

      No doubt. I'd kill for the idea of changing everyone's AIM SN to something I recognize. IE - Gandalf47362 is my friend John Doe. I'd rather see "John Doe" than try to figure out what Gandalf47362 is (especially if he chats to me like once a month).
  • The only person I use it to talk to is my niece, though. Everybody else seems to be too good for it. :) (I'm not going to bother trying to convert a 14 year old girl to something that none of the other 14 year old girls use. Besides, it works fine for its purpose.) My exciting username is Kristiams
    • uh oh, some woman made the dreaded mistake of making her username public knowledge. (FK's journal, aka gateway to journal hell :> )

      Bam! You hear that? It's the sound of a thousand geeks trying to im you :)

      ok, kidding, but wait and see, I am sure your gonna get geek-infested. No way to get those buggers out either, they burrow in until they can form nests of coax cable, copper wiring and spare hard-drives.
      • My username was already public. Besides, I would rate the maturity of FK journal readers slightly higher than the /. population as a whole. I may be mistaken. In which case, feel free to IM me with news of my error. :)
        • Well, I haven't seen any goatse posts in a while, so I think you may be right

          shudders at the thought of AIM Trolls...

  • We should get a channel somewhere, sometimes IM can be annoying.

    (yah, like IRC isn't, I know)
  • it started getting annoying. people would IM me with all their little problems (typically HW-related) that I just stopped staying online. Plus it became distracting. I cant recall the last time I was online. It was easily years ago.
  • I use AIM. I have 5 accounts to avoid bans and to be anonymous if the need be.

    primary account: jp8bryant
  • I don't use it. So if you find someone claiming to be me, it isn't. I have a couple of ICQ accounts, but haven't used it for a while. I think ICQ prevents all clients from working if they don't accept ads.
  • neocount38 on aim. Running gaim, and have accounts on just about everything....
  • But I am rather hesitant to give my stuff out, sorry. But, FK, I added you to my buddy list, and I bet you'll know from my buddy name right away that it's me you're talking to if I ever happened to message you.
  • I don't use AIM, but I do have a yahoo account: dayton1999.

    If I don't reply to your message right away, please don't take offense; I'm usually lost in my work with headphones blaring.

  • (My first twenty choices were already taken -- and I didn't want to have a name with a bunch of numbers after it)

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