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Journal FortKnox's Journal: "I Hate Football" or "I am not a gamer" 24

I've waited almost a year for football season to start, and I've already had two weeks where I've been completely bummed.
Kordell is just throwing bad passes. The offense is giving up turnovers like they are in style. The defense absolutely sucks. This was the #1 defense last year (and they only lost 1 LB, and replaced him with a faster and better LB), and they've already given up over 800 yards!!!
The only thing I can really say is, I'm glad they have a week 3 bye.

I had a long weekend, and the family (and my sister who came from out of town) went to the mall this saturday. Of course I hit Electronics Boutique (the one I worked at during college). First big change I've notice is that 95% of the store is console games now. Hardly any PC games to speak of. Then I start looking at the new games. I haven't heard of any of them, except Never Winter Nights. I start looking at the requirements of the new games. My video card (TNT2 Ultra, which I bought the day it came out for $250) is out of date. I didn't want to just toss $50 at NWN, because I didn't know if I'd play it that much. It was then that I realized the being married and a father has taken my 'gamer' personality away from me. Now, I'm not saying thats a bad thing, but I've been a gamer all my life. It was really wierd walking into a gaming store and being lost.
I -did- find something I've wanted for a while, though... I lent out my System Shock 2 CD to someone and never got it back (and can't figure out who I gave it to). I was hoping I'd just lost it and would find it in the move, but no dice. I've been wanting to play through it again for a long time, and tomorrow I'll get to crack it open again. I'm already turning into this 'adult' figure. Playing a game thats like 5 years old and excited about it. Might as well unpack the NES and talk about how games used to be innovative (which I do believe).

Anyone get why I used the 'or' in the title? Most of you are probably too young to know...
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"I Hate Football" or "I am not a gamer"

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  • It wasn't too long ago that I went through StarCraft. Sure everyone else had done it 3 years before - but what does that matter?

    All it meant was that:

    A: the game didn't have any problems, and ran amazingly well on my mediocre PC
    B: I paid $15 Canadian instead of $70
    C: I was sure to buy a good, time-tested game that lots of people enjoyed instead of something that lost its flair after a couple days.

    • True, but I love playing online games. If you get an online game after its been released 5 years, all that are left to play are maniac people who are obsessed with the game, and play ungodly well at it. Granted, you can still get good at it, but it takes a LONG time and a TON of humbling.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I bought MechWarrior 3 out of a sale bin for $10 or so at a Wal-Mart or a Target b/c I couldn't bring myself to drop $50 on a new, shiny game that was more likely eye-candy on a mediocre engine.

    Guess we're just getting old, right?

  • Might as well unpack the NES and talk about how games used to be innovative (which I do believe).

    I have over 150 NES games, want to come over and bitch with me some time about how these darn new fangled games suck? :-D

    Oh, and I never did play system shock 2, the installer always crashed my computer. Any computer I tried it on at that. . . .
    • There's one game I've missed ever since I gave up the NES: Nobogunda's Ambition. I am sure I am getting the name wrong, but it is a japanese strategy game where you set out to control all the Japanese fiefdoms. Very addictive. The only problem with it is that when switching screens it blanked with a pure white screen that came and went in a small fraction of a second, causing headaches after extended play.

      • I suck at Japanese Strategy games. Heh.

        Why not just emulate it? I think I have the SNES version of it sitting around here someplace. I used to have an NES ROM collection that just barely surpassed my real life NES cartridge collection (mind you I have darn nearly every half-way decent NES game ever made, so finding NES roms that I did not own was a bit of a challenge. :-D Of course playing the translated games over from Japan kicks ass, yaah!
    • want to come over and bitch with me some time about how these darn new fangled games suck? :-D

      I've said it a few times, but the industry is killing itself.
      If you have an idea for an innovative game, you have to have a bunch of successful titles under your belt to get a CHANCE to make it.
      Big wigs in the gaming industry, like EA, will only produce copy-cat games, knowing that kids will buy it. Halflife? Unreal Tournament? Quake 1, 2, 3? ALL THE SAME (mind you, halflife has a plot, UT has incredible mod-ability, and quake, well, quake comes from id).
      Games with true innovation have to come from known game gurus. "The Sims" is a FANTASTIC example of innovation, but it took Will Wright TONS of games before his publisher would listen to the idea.
      Chris Sawyer, also a gaming industry hot-name, had to design and make Roller Coaster Tycoon by himself, and sold the complete product to publishers (I don't know the story, but I'm sure the idea was probably shot down, and he couldn't get funding to design it in a coding house, so he did it on his own).

      Back in the "NES" time, the Japanses and Americans were almost in a 'gaming cold war', trying to outdo the other. That's when new games were completely different from the successful titles. Ever seen a mario clone? Look at mario 2! It was completely different than the original! Dragon Warrior and FF. Both RPGs, both completely different.

      I'm going off, but that's my opinion of the gaming industry. But I do see hope in FPS innovation. You have to come up with quite innovation (or a hell of a new engine like the Doom3, UT2003 engines) to sell FPS. Why? Cause anyone in the mod community can make a game (multiplayer especially) that's just a FPS engine with a theme. I'm surprised that Return To Castle Wolfenstien sold so much. You can get Halflife for $10, then apply the "Day of Defeat" mod for a great WWII environment.
      • Look at mario 2! It was completely different than the original!

        No it wasn't.

        Oh you mean the SMB2 that we got here in the states.

        That was just a character arts swap with a pre-existing Japanese game, the Japanese thought that the REAL Super Mario Brothers 2 would be too hard for us stoooopid Americans. ^_^

        (Super Mario Brothers The Lost Levels is the actual Super Mario Brothers 2 that was released in Japan)

        I do agree that Super Mario Brothers 2 does rock, but it is not an actual Super Mario Brother's game. ^_^
      • Is it just me or is the gaming industry in danger of following in similar footsteps to the RIAA?

        They have the lack of innovation down pat, now all they need is a loss of sales. Wonder if they will start suits against the pirates a la the latest Wonder Rosen tactic?

        To be honest, I've found more innovation in games on the console than I have found in the PC realm. One has to wonder about that, but then again, when you look at the players in the PC game industry, I guess I can see why!

        Put simply, there are too many gaming houses out there and too few publishers, especially publishers willing to take risks. The fact that Microsoft is now also a game publisher (and came on the scene in a big way with the X-Box), is cause for concern as well.

        I wonder if my feelings on this are caused or exacerbated by the fact that I've been consistently disappointed by the recent PC title's I have bought as opposed to the latest spate of console titles, a few of which I've really enjoyed? One of the large problems with console titles, of course: they are too short.

      • Maybe the Sims was innovative, but that doesn't mean these generic games aren't fun. Personally, I find UT, MOHAA, and the like extremely fun, and can't get enough of them. Looking forward to some good playtime of BF1942 and UT2k3.
    • Oh, and I never did play system shock 2, the installer always crashed my computer. Any computer I tried it on at that. . . .

      Get it to work. Its worth the effort. Trust me.

      I've never been so immersed in a game like SS2. When you walk around, you pick up disks of peoples 'journals' which are played through their voices, so you can hear whats going on around them. Some of them disturb you on an emotional level. Some make you angry, some make you want to cry.

      Damnit, I can't wait to install that bugger again!! :-D
      • Get it to work. Its worth the effort. Trust me.

        Heh, I never gave second thought to a game in which BOTH demo installers crashed hard. ^_^ I figured that if they could not even make their installer work. . . .

        Actually I did get the second demo to install eventually, but it kept on hard locking my system, ugh. Bleck. (and ran at about 5FPS, heh. I have the same video card now that I did then so. . . . well I guess the CPU being 3 or 4 times faster may help a bit though. ^_^ )
  • i have never cared much for football.

    but i'm still a gamer for the moment. (this does NOT mean that i am a really good gamer) of course, i don't have a family just yet - though i am engaged. but i find i rarely play all the way through a game. i am still a sucker for eye candy, but i want the game to be fun. i don't buy every game, but i get them fairly regularly. i haven't gotten never winter nights, but i know i will buy doom 3 (and a new video card to run it). i do find myself avoiding games that look too addicting. as much fun as star wars galaxies sounds, it would take up too much of my time. i think gaming should remain a hobby that allows other interests.

    but i'm old enough that your opinion doesn't sound silly to me. it used to sound ridiculous, but it makes sense now. in a year i may change my tune.
    • but i'm still a gamer for the moment. (this does NOT mean that i am a really good gamer)

      I may no longer be an official gamer, but I can still kick the sorry asses of most of those "real" gamers, heh.

      Damn fools, ain't been around long enough in the field to know what real game play is. :-D Wussied down by all of the little advantages that games give you now days Hah!!

      An ENERGY bar??? In my day it was one shot and you where dead And we liked it!!!. Hell I remember playing games that where One Shot Death and One Life and No Continues. fast and furious shooters at that. After playing those anything newer seems like donkey crud! Hehehehehe. You want to talk about a game that makes you sweat. . . . . woooh

      HLDM rocked, HLCS sucks. HLDM (Half-Life Death Match) I remember their being 200:1 kill ratio masters, this one dude, Doc, had perfect aim, never had played a FPS before, did not practice, it was just genetic. Nope, wasn't cheating either (this was before all those HL players cheated. . . . bleeeeeeeeeeck!!! )

      I was a mere, err, lets see, reduce the fraction and I was around 5:1 or 6:1, I think I got up to 9:1 after awhile though. Fun stuff. You know what it is like to play against a perfect player who never makes any mistakes? It is a fucking trip man. I tell ya. You get better with damn near each passing minute, elevates your ass to a new level. Before I met Doc I was a 1:2 kill ratio player, after a SINGLE training session with Doc (albeit one that lasted 3 or 4 hours in the minimum) I was a 5:1 player, and could go on damn nearly any server and whoop ass.

      Shit like that was why I got into gaming to begin with, the freaking adrenaline rush man the feeling of COMPELTE CONCENTRATION , of having your mind RACING along analyzing EVERYTHING that was coming in at you. My Lord IT FEELS GREAT To have your mind taking in that much data that quickly for that long of a period of time, to have your sense working on that elevated of a level, to shoot that grenade around that corner and hit that player exactly JUST FROM HEARING THE ECHO FROM THE ROOM. My Word IT FEELS ..... WONDERFUL. .

      I truly pity anybody who calls themselves a "gamer" and has not felt that flowing through their veins. Leveling up a Diablo 1/2 character is not gaming, that is not going to get you that complete feeling of immersion, no way man, nooooo way, the only thing that is going to get you there is playing something where your ass is grass and you gotta improve with every second to stay alive .

      It is



      Makes me damn near want to cry that I gave it all up. Shit man, damn weenies around now days ruined it all. :( That and the piss poor games that keep on coming out, bleck!!!
      • love that deathmatch. the best is chasing someone down only to discover you were being chased down, but deciding that's ok because the guy that just whacked you was being chased down himself.

        my favorite is the ricochet mod for hlcs (i know, it's a mod of a mod). it's basically tron discs. really fast paced game on a small map. and if you aren't careful, you fall. it rules.
  • The Steelers, quite simply, had a very tough schedule to start out with, against two teams that were somewhat motivated by being passed over by the preseason pundits.

    You'll have enough games against Baltimore and Cincy and Cleveland to be back in the swing of things. I honestly don't see how the Steelers can fail to make the playoffs this year, considering their division schedule. On the other hand, it's gotta suck being Buffalo or the Jets... neither one of those teams has a shot at the playoffs, as it seems that Miami and New England are the two strongest teams in the AFC.

    Then again, I'm a New Englander, so I should be expecting a massive collapse by the Patsies (hell, who was the best team in baseball in April?).

    • yeah, their schedule is hard to start of with, then gets easier. My beloved Bears, another team no one respects has a tough road all the way through. I am nervous how they barely beat Atlanta and Minnesota. Ah well.

      On to Kordell. Sorry FK, but I never liked the guy. He *could* be a force in the game, but his head isn't on straight. I honestly don't know why Mr. Chin (erm, my affectionate name for Cowher) keeps giving him chances. Ah well, time to draft a quarterback I think. What's your opinion on that? Give Kordell another shot next year, or dump him and get a new QB?
      • I like Kordell's backup, Tommy Maddox. I think he should get a couple snaps and see if he can oust Kordell. He isn't nearly as moble as Kordell, but he has a hell of an arm (beat out charlie batch for the backup job).
        • Didn't the Steelers just draft a QB? A Mr Randle El? Sure. He's in the Slash mold but I think that if they built him up as a QB from the start (instead of as the Super-H-back thing he does now) he could be a Donovan McNabb sort of QB. Or at least a more consistent Kordell.
  • Most of you are probably too young to know...
    I still have my Mattel Electronics Football II [yesterdayland.com]...and it still works! There's nothink like wasting 15-20 minutes for a quick game with the little LEDs. Tee hee.

    Oops - time to take my geritol.

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