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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Evolution of Gecko's Reverse Meme 4

I have an idea to make Gecko's reverse meme a little more fun.

Gecko's Meme:
Post the answers to 10 questions, and let people try to figure out the questions and respond with them.
My idea:
Post the answers to 10 questions, let people try to figure out the questions, and respond with their own answers (eg, not the questions, just YOUR answers to what you think are the questions).

Of course, you'll have to make questions based on yourself, not something like "when was pearl harbor attacked?" (FYI - it was today... hug a WWII veteran) The crazier the question the more fun when people put their answers up to the questions.
Anyone want to start (sorry, I'm not inspired nor in a creative mood atm)? If so, post a JE about it, and let people response with their answers!
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Evolution of Gecko's Reverse Meme

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  • huh?

    you not being in a creative mood and me being in a "can't understand a single word" mood, i guess i'm just left scratching my head here :)

    so, i'll just be over here, waiting for an example... cause i'm lost now... heh... fk makes head hurt!
    • OK, basically, instead of trying to guess the questions and posting your guess, you guess the questions and post your ANSWERS to the GUESSED questions. 90% of the time, you would be wrong, right?

      For example, Bethanie posts:
      Olive oil, whipped cream, and an 8" cucumber
      You think the question is "What I had on hand with me last night with my significant other?"
      You respond something like "I don't need anything, I'm that good"
      Then the next day she posts "What was on my shopping list" and your answer has a
      • blinder wrote what I was initially thinking, but now I understand it. I just finished my weekly football JE though, and while it sounds fun I know that I am way too brain dead today to participate. In a semi-non-sequitor, reading this reminded me of a quote I remember from one of Tom Clancy's books (Clear and Present Danger I believe), "They view it much the same way the Roman's viewed chastity- a respectable trait best found in others."

        For those who take up FK, I commend you;-)

      • Poor example. Bethanie wouldn't cop to the shopping list part.

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