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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Terrorism == Communism?? 15

Something I've observed and thought I'd share:
Terrorist in the 2000's is like a commie in the 1950's.

Think about it. The worst thing back in the day is to be under investigation by J.Edgar Hoover under the grounds that you may be a communist or have ties to communists. Today, they slap the word 'terrorist' or 'terrorism' on something to be able to remove personal rights or scare the begesus outta someone... or to stage a bit of a public scare....

The reason I thought of this was when J.Edgar Hoover investigated Mohammad Ali's background to see if he had ties to communism. If he were alive today, would he look into Ali's background (because he converted to Islam) to see if he had ties to terrorists?

Wonder how we will look back at this era in 50 years...

Please note: I'm not giving you my opinion on one side or the other... just merely an observation.
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Terrorism == Communism??

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  • ...and a scary one. Hopefully people in this day and age will be a little more level headed, but I am not holding my breath. What annoys me is that all of the little things I was proud to defend during my time in the military are slowly whittling away...pretty soon everything I was defending will be nothing but old ideas from a bygone era.
  • it was Immigrant, Northerner/Southerner, Cossack...

    We like buzzwords.

    Nothing but the words change.

    hehe Cossack.
  • ...Wonder how we will look back at this era in 50 years...

    Probably as the barbaric times before the founding of the Ministry of Truth. Everyone repeat after me:


    now where is my thorazine.....

  • Witchhunts suck.

    Mmmm...I should go watch The Atomic Cafe again just to see if it's as eerie as I think it is.
  • On a related note, everybody's favorite religious right spokesman Pat Robertson, during his slay-the-Venezuelan-dictator fiasco, made a particularly interesting comment. He claimed that the despotic regime was stifling the economy of Venezuela so much that the horrible living conditions were a sort of breeding ground for "communism and terrorism."

    I found the fact that he linked the two ideas together to be far more telling than the fact that he wanted the leader assassinated.

  • You misspelled "terrrrrrrist".

    And hey! 9-11 changed everything!



  • And too many people look to excuse the terrorists just like they did the communists.

    Even funnier is that anti-war marches are organized by communists/socialists.
    • USSR aside, anti-war marches have always been organized by communists/socialists. Socialists were the only anti-war faction in WWI, going against the popular patriotic current from the very beginning. The idea that war is always fought by the workers on behalf of the bourgeous rich is part and paracel of socialist thinking. Class solidarity knows no boundaries and so on.

      Internationale, our anthem since the Second International, exhorts us to 'shoot the generals' of our nations if they try to 'sacrifice u
  • This seems apropo to Clooney's movie out recent, good night and good luck. At least now adays, being a disenter doesn't make you a terrorist.

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