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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Pixie 4

Don't you hate it when you setup a journal and turn off responses because you got flooded by advice for people who have NO IDEA what type of situation you are (well, the have an idea, but its a one sided story in a situation very very few have actually been through) in last time and didn't want to go through it again?

Yeah, I have some advice I'd give, but you turned off comments, so I'll keep it to myself. I wish you and your husband the best and hope the others can take a hint.
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  • i, however, lack such grace, so i'll salute yours and say that my lack of discretion came from sincere goodwill, and wish i'd thought of that. I'll let it stand in the hope she sees it anyway (because i meant it) but perhaps such sense will get the better of me next time...

    *creeps abashed back into my corner*

    Sorry, pix, if i offended you...

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