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Happy Birthday to Ellem and Sol

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  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    My mom just reminded me she's had 38 years of labor
    • blinder drags the marshall jcm2000 head with the 1960 cab into the room... then comes running in with an arm-full of cables and a EQ pedal and a compression pedal... tosses them to the ground and runs quickly out of the room... to return with the SG. blinder then hooks everything up... flips the switch... waits patiently for the tubes to warm up in the head... flips the standby switch... then slings the SG around his neck... then slowly turns the guitar's volume up... the gain on the head, set at about the
      • They're not booing ladies and gentlemen, they're yelling "Louuuuuuuuu, Louuuuuuuu!"
      • by Tet ( 2721 )
        blinder retrieves a pick from his pocket and, with his guitar tuned down into D... plays a palm-muted chord

        Downtuned? Bleurgh! Anyone would think you're trying to be Limp Wristed!

        Interesting factlet: Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" sounds awesome on an electric guitar through an overdriven valve amp. One of my friends had seriously good taste in that respect (also using Wagners "Ride of the valkyries" in the same service).

        • sorry tet... i've been "d tuning" since 1991. yeah... we hardcore bands were doing that a very long time ago... that "sound" just got picked up by shithead sellout pieces of shit. helmet probably used it most effectively... 14 years ago.

  • Well, technically my daughter Elizabeth's. She's the big 1 today.
  • But stomach?! Whew! That must've been quite the nine months. :^)
  • Stomach? Only if your mother is the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells!
    • Is beautiful. Absolutely lovely. If you ever visit Sommerset, you should drop in, especially with your 'significant other'.

      My cousin married his long-term girlfriend of five years there last weekend in a Humanist ceremony, at The Bishop's Palace. Wells also has a stunning cathedral...

      Go there, and never mind their baby-eating Bishop!

  • Happy happy birfday n shit.

    A yes yes ya'll and ya don't stop.

    Happy birthday Lou and Sol. Hope you guys enjoy it.

    Oh, and nice gig Blinder. I felt it.

"There is nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don't know yet." -Ambrose Bierce